Modern Training Programs

Modern Training ProgramsThis section will cover on going programs of today -so along with my journal section you have a resource to improve your own training.

Lift For Life

These days I am more aware of father time and mother nature than I ever was as a youth. As a youth you could storm out on your own path like the unruly teenager you were. What do they know? But just as you find yourself saying the same things to your kids, that your […]

Power Bodybuilding Program

This program is based on powerlifting the main moves and some bodybuilding to keep the main moves strong without any weak spots through the body. The main lifts each day is on a 12-week cycle. This we call the Coan program, as in Ed Coan the greatest powerlifter ever, used a basic cycle like this […]

Strength -Size -Agility

  The program here is a kind of full circle thing for me. I love it because I’m training just for the feeling of being ‘in shape’ for the love of just doing ya know. For years I have trained for some specific goal. Bodybuilding shows, powerlifting meets, photo shoots. Every one of those goals […]

Conan HIT Program

This program is a variant on the Conan Program. This one being on a three day split. Let me give you the base work here then get into the HIT (high intensity training) for the building work as I call it. The base strength moves are: Day 1 – Bench Press and Dead Lift Day […]

Conan Program

Over the last year or so I have had some definite goals training wise, two main ones to be exact, and from those two goals grew the present one. This may be just what you are looking for yourself. Let me first cover the aforementioned goals, so you can see how I came upon this […]