Back to the Future

Back to the Future TrainingMy goal with this section of the site is to cover training sessions and programs from the past.

The goal being, looking at what shaped today.

What was the foundation of work and nutrition that shaped this point in time now?

I have a huge resource of journals I can leaf through and give you valuable information to help in your quest.

The young guns on this site will be able to employ some of the battle tactics and strategies in these pages.

Us oldies – will have to modify, just like I have done in the Journal section.

Take a look.

Back to the Future TrainingSo I have a lot to share and I want you take something from each instalment.

But most of all I want to inspire you to be your best.

At this time of writing, I am training on a modified HIT program.

Remember, I undertake all forms of training within my own ‘zone’ so to speak. Some forms I just don’t like or don’t know enough about to judge.

But in my zone – my excepted tool kit to get the job done, I have many different ways of training I enjoy.

Training the HIT way is one of them.

So in this instalment I would like to cover how HIT hit me!

This was published in my THREE book and I would like to outline it for you here.

Enjoy, Ian

Old School Heavy Duty

The program this month is a program I started in 1994, each year I changed it a little, but kept its baseline intact. Through 1997 I successfully combined HIT (High Intensity Training) with Thick Bar and Power Rack work, heavily influenced by Brooks Kubik. I can remember at the time reading works by Mike Mentzer […]

HIT Training

Looking in my journal, Thursday 1 September 2000.  I can remember the day like it was yesterday.  It was a nice, end of the summer evening as my training partner,s Rob and Chris, pulled down a back street in Barnsley, England.  We were looking for a small gym that a buddy of mine had been […]