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Your side of the line

I can here you now—yep well that’s all well and good if you have nothing to do all day but look after myself and eat my meals on time.

Well I am sorry but you are wrong –most of my clients are women with kid’s, homes and jobs –just like you—and if they can do this –well so can you.

The guys I train are very busy, some own huge companies that demand so much attention and work you would think they have nothing left in a day to sleep, let alone sort their food out for the next day. But they do and so can you.

Here comes another one of my sayings—you will be sick of these by now.

If you take your food to work with you all packed and ready to eat and something crops up beyond your control. Well that’s not your fault –you stepped up to your side of the bargain and things just did not pan out.

But if you went to work without prepping your food the night before well—we are going to not get very far are we. If you have your meals with you and you eat some rubbish –well again— we are not stepping up to the line.

If you get stuck in meetings and you can not eat for a while—well that’s not your doing, it’s out of your control –eat your good food as soon as you can.

Make sure you can control when you can —always step up to your side of the line –you will not go far wrong.



Prep work

I always say to clients –never think about what you have to do as far as prepping your food – just do it. Do it like it is another job-like cleaning the house –doing the washing –just do it.
 If you get in from work and you start to think -oh heck I have all my food to sort out for tomorrow, you are making this a negative right there and then. You will soon talk your self out of it—with a little voice in your head. It will be saying- just get a sandwich at work tomorrow. Sit down watch the telly.

Don’t even think just do

Wash your tubs from the day –spread everything out on the worktop and get prepping. Put some music on –get a TV and put it in the kitchen – watch and listen to the news while you are working. Be happy in the effort you are putting forth to your goal.

Do this as soon as you get in the house –no matter what time it is.
I have come back from shows after driving all night –got in at 2 am –sorted my food- got into bed and got up at 4am to come to work.
 I just did it automatic, an ingrained good habit.

It takes no time at all to sort your food out in the grand scheme of things –but will give you so much back in return.
 Health-energy –a better body.
 It will also save you a packet –if you eat out now all week at work –do a quick tot up you will be surprised.

My tips on prep

I always have an idea what I am going to eat the next few days-so I always have what I need in. Louise and I always discuss what foods we are basing out on over the weekend for the next week and we shop accordingly. Lou will do the supermarket and I will do the farm shop and health food shop.

We know what we are having for lunch and dinner for most of that week-and we buy what we need. If I know my week is going to be an off the chart one I will make my lunch meals a quick easy eat –that can be eaten while working on some project –and in-between clients.

I am very busy with clients but I never let them catch me eat-not professional, it is tricky but I do manage and so will you –no matter how busy you are.

Plus one

Whenever you make a meal for the family or yourself add plus one –just make another complete meal to eat yourself later or for the next days’ lunch.
It does not have to be the exact meal you are having there and then, say you know you are packed the next day and maybe you are out and about in your car. 
Well simply put another chicken breast in the oven –cut yourself some bread while it is cooking and you can have a real chicken sandwich the next day.

Simple –yep-but how many of you do this now.
 I often will box up a complete meal for the next day-or to eat 3 hours later-always think ahead –it is so easy.

Pack up

If I am out of the house, on my way to work, a competition with the girls, pictures –whatever. I will have a pack up with me.
In my bag I will have my breakfast (if I am on my way to work early), all in a tub ready to be cooked when I get here.

I have my mid morning snacks bagged up or in a tub, this may be nuts and fruit.


My lunch is again, all ready in a tub to be eaten.
I will also have my water bottle for the day-if I am away for a few days I have enough for that time- packed in the car.
In short I never leave home without food, I know this sounds like an obsession –but I beg to differ. Obsession would be something that caused you a problem-something that may be hard work-well it is not-its second nature to do, I do it and think nothing of it. 
I concentrate on enjoying other things in life and not being stressed over food issues.
You can do the same.
Just pack your food each day.

Other tricks are in your car-always have some dried fruit and nuts packed in bags in your glove compartment and a few bottles of water.
If you get held up at some point in the future –you have back up-‘pack up.’

In a rush

Find yourself in a rush in a morning and you have no time for a good breakfast?
Well my first reaction to that is go to bed early and get up early.

If you have to commute to work and get something on the way in, here is your new routine. The night before work make some oat cakes (recipe to follow) pack them up and eat them either on the way out the door or at your desk while shifting through the mail.
 This will get you away from the crap you may buy at work.

I often make these and will eat them for breakfast and mid morning meals.

Being organised will free you up to be more productive in other areas of your life.
How many hours do you waste each week –stood in cues buying crap?

How many times are you mulling over what to eat and where?

Basically –you have your food with you –you eat it at such and such a time and you get on with your day-job done.

Following are some time saving, no frills, easy to prepare recipes.



Nut bars

This recipe combines the good fats and nutrients in various nuts, together with whey protein for an easy-to-make bar that’s has some natural carbohydrates, high in protein, and full of healthy fats.

These can be eaten at any time, I like to have these mid morning or mid afternoon.
 They also serve you well on trips away for a few days.
You may be able to get a good meal in a restaurant and these will keep you right in-between meals.

3/4 cup pecan meal
3/4 cup almond meal
1/4 cup cashew nut meal.

The above is just those nuts crushed or blended in a coffee grinder.

2 whole organic eggs
1 mashed banana.

6 scoops of protein powder.

1 table spoon of honey.

1 tea spoon of cinnamon.


To make the pecan cashew and almond meal, process the nuts in a blender. Mix everything together in a large bowl, and continue stirring until all of the ingredients have mixed together thoroughly. Spread the dough into an 8X8-inch baking dish coated with olive oil cooking spray, and bake for 15 minutes at 350-degrees F.

Prep Time: 15 minutes Servings: 6


Organic bread

Here is the recipe for my famous bread.

This bread will not give you the same bloated feeling like other bread. This recipe is fantastic, healthy and very easy to make.
I love making this and enjoying eating it more.

Ingredients. Makes two loafs- or one large.

450g organic whole wheat flour.

4 table spoons of organic butter.

4 table spoons of organic raw cane sugar.

200g organic raisins.

100g organic dried apricots.

100g organic broken walnuts.

4 tea spoons bread yeast.

12 table spoons organic apple or orange juice.

12 table spoons organic yogurt.


1/ Put flour in huge bowl.

Rub in butter.
Add all ingredients—but not the juice and yogurt –yet. Mix up by hand.

2/ Warm the juice in a pan—just warm not boil.

3/ Add this to the mix along with the 12 spoons of yogurt.

4/ Mix by hand- well.

5/ Remove mix from bowl and knead on a floured service for 5 min.

6/ Cut into two loafs and shape.

7/ Place on a creased baking tray.

8/ Cover with a clean dry tea towel.

9/ Set aside in a warm place till they have doubled in size.

10/ Cook in pre heated oven 220 c—or 425 f—or gas mark 7. Should take 35-40 min.

To test loaf is cooked –tap the underneath- hollow –it’s done.

This loaf can also be made with different dried fruits –or no nuts –or just a plain loaf to have with eggs and such. Once you have the base ingredients you can add and take away what you like.



I have been having these for the last 20 years or so, again I add and take away from the base. Sometimes I have dates in them –other times berries-go for it.

Makes approx 6 oatcakes

2 cups of oats

2 full eggs
2 banana – chopped

Raisins -a handful
Blue berries a handful

1 pack of Nytro Pro40 or a Met-Rx meal replacement

Water to mix

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl.

Add cinnamon and berries (blueberries are best when in season, organic dried blueberries work well if you soak them for a few hours)

You have to add enough water to this to wet all the ingredients but not make it too sloppy. Make sure also that the eggs are thoroughly mixed and the meal replacement powder.

Lightly butter some Yorkshire pudding tins and place mixture into them in equal amounts. Bake in the oven at 220c for 30-40 minutes or until cooked.
 These can be left to cool and used for breakfast for a couple of days or as a mid morning or afternoon snack meal.


I like t o mix up my own most of the time –if I do buy, I make sure it is a good organic brand. You can make your own by buying all the ingredients.


Mixed nuts and seeds.

Dried fruit of your choice, I like dates and raisins.

Optimum flax cereal –by nature’s path.

Mix them all together in a huge air tight tub and you are good to go when you want a meal.


I like to set out a serving the night before if I am planning to have it for breakfast.

Here’s what I do.

I chop an apple into it and soak it overnight in apple juice in the fridge, I also cover it with another bowl.

In the morning I add organic yogurt and enjoy, the flavor of the apple is soaked into it tastes gorgeous, add a dash of cinnamon on top.

A fantastic way to start the day.

I don’t just have muesli for breakfast –I may have it mid afternoon with a protein poured on top, or again with yogurt, another great idea is to mix it up with cottage cheese and chopped fruit and grapes.



If I am having just oats and not oat cakes –here are a couple of ideas I use to balance the food groups out.

I soak the oats overnight in bottled or filtered water-do not soak in just tap water.
I like to cook them in a pan –nuking it in a micro is not the best way to cook it, in-fact we do not have a microwave oven.
In with the oats I will also soak some raisins and blueberries –all the antioxidants will soak into the mixture.

Come the morning I will add a couple of whole eggs—yep sounds bad—but I swear to you will not even know they are there. Try it if you do not like it eat your eggs hard boiled along with the oats. I love it as it makes the oats creamy.

I make sure I cook the oats through fully for a slow cooking time adding water as I do to bring about the right texture.
I add cinnamon to taste. 
I have the eggs with this meal to balance out the protein.

Other times I may have some scrambled eggs –then have a bowl of oats with a spoon of nut butter mixed into it after it is cooked.

Dates also work well in the overnight oat soaking prep.

Talking of dates.
 I love to have nuts and dates mixed together as a meal with some fruit after. This I have almost every day.

What’s for lunch?

Already set up the night before ready to eat is my lunch.

This may be my home made bread cut thick and chunky with nut butter and honey on. Along with this I will have some raw chopped vegetables and chopped fruit.

Another may be 2-3 hard boiled eggs whisked together with olive oil and cider vinegar. This I will have as an open sandwich on my home made bread.

Again cut thick and chunky.
 Salad would also be along with this and a few nuts.

Sardines is another thing I have with my bread –again with chopped raw vegetables and salad.

On really busy days I have a huge tub of nuts and dried fruit that I will snack on every 3 hours.

Days when I have a little more time, I may have a plus one meal that was made the night before.


After a working day

Louise is just like me and eats very healthily, more often than not she has made our evening meal when I get in from work.

We spend time in the kitchen prepping all the while talking about our day.
From the foods we eat we will have a good healthy meal as a family.


This we cook in the oven wrapped in foil with a little bit of lemon juice and no salt spices. More often than not we have potatoes or sweet potatoes – chopped into chunky chips and cooked in the oven with a little olive oil.

While these two are cooking in the oven we have a huge pan on the stove steaming our vegetables.

We cook other fish the same way-cod being used as a change of taste from salmon. Chicken.

We have this much the same way –either oven cooked or on the George Forman grill. Every now and then we will have a huge vegetable and chicken stir fry –cooked in a wok with olive oil.

We do not always use meat and will often have a nut and vegetable stir fry.


Omelettes, love them –again with vegetables folded in the omelette.

Another egg meal I love is a huge plate of roasted veg-with 3 poached eggs on top. Love eggs- and I eat them every day in one way or another.


Lou will make a huge stew in the winter months-she puts into a large pan.


Sweet potatoes.









Spices.-no salt seasoning.

These vegetables will be chopped up fine and cooked for a few hours with some slowed cooked shredded chicken.

This meal always reminds me of when I was a kid –my Grandad use to make a very similar stew and soup.


The above is very easy to do, just use your basic food groups and cook them to your liking. The more you do it, the more you will enjoy experimenting with your cooking.
Like us, you will find your way- we eat plain with only the odd, no salt spice used. We tend to use the flavours of veg to give the meal taste for us.

You may want to make healthy chillies and curries –no problem-you know the rules and if it’s cooked in a natural way –go for it.

Whatever it takes to eat right and keep on track with this I say is good.
I love the way I eat –I could go on and on here –it is not rocket science –just mix and match meals and enjoy.
Sometimes we use rice instead of potatoes –or have a baked potato instead of chopped and cooked in oil. The potato I may have them with organic butter or nut butter along with my meal.
At some point in the week we have had everything –variety and a mix of nutrients.

The only time I have a base plan that rotates only a few meals is when I am getting ready for a show or guest spot.

This is covered in the next chapter.

What I eat in a typical day

Now with all the information that has been outlined above, you may wonder how my daily eating plan is structured.
Like I said above –I have a huge variety of nutrients each day and week in week out.

I write my daily diet out each day in my training and nutrition log book.

Even though I do not count calories and listen to my appetite balance, I still list the food I eat and the time I ate them.
This allows me to see, that I do mix and match things and also how certain types of foods affect my body composition and energy levels.
A food and training log is something I have done since I was 16 years old and they have been invaluable in shaping who I am today. I suggest you start one as soon as possible. You will be surprised by how a little book can be motivating and accountable for each day.

Here are a couple of days. 9/1/2010.

1/ Oats –raisins –berries-1 scoop of XGF-by AST.

2/ Post workout-XGF-and some raisons.

3/ Oats –raisins –berries and 2 eggs.

4/ Home made bread –nut butter and honey-chopped fruit and veg.

5/ Nuts and dates.

6/ Salmon-sweet potato and veg.

7/ Raw bar.

Had 2.5 ltrs of water and lots of green tea.


1/ Muesli, fruit and yogurt.

2/ Fruit, nuts and seeds.

3/ Chicken stew-home made bread.

4/ Nuts and dates.

5/ Raw bar and fruit.

6/ Eggs –baked potato and veg.


3 ltrs of water.


These are a couple of basic samples –sometimes when I am real busy-Wednesday being packed for instance, I do things a little different.

Here is a typical Wednesdays eating.

1/ Oat cakes.

2/ Oat cakes.

3/ Nuts and fruit.

4/ Nuts and fruit.

5/ Nuts and fruit.

6/ Salmon-baked potato and veg.

When I am stacked out it is so much easier to just snack every 3 hours.
Nuts and fruit fit the bill—I get tons of energy from them and have no problem working my day.
The above diet logs- should make sense to you by now.
Remember I eat to my energy output and appetite.
Remember also –I eat protein, carbohydrates and fat at each of my servings.
Note also I eat natural and do not go mad on protein like other ‘bodybuilders’/ ‘trainers’.

My main concern is health first and foremost.

As you can see I eat a variety of nutrients.


Super foods

I try to eat in a week my list of super foods.

This reads like our shopping list.

In no particular order.






Blue berries.

Green tea.

Vegetables—every type.


Sweet potatoes.

Brown rice.







Whole meal bread flour.

Apple juice.

Yogurt-organic full fat.





Sunflower seeds.

Pumpkin seeds.

Olive oil.

Organic full fat butter.


Nut butter—mixed, almond and cashew.

Everything listed here we buy organic—one of the hardest to get is grapes, believe it or not. I get organic ones when I can.

Salmon –I get wild Alaskan and sardines from Portugal.

If you try to eat these foods in the space of a week, you will be giving yourself everything you need for your health vitality and bodybuilding goals.











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