I was making a bullet point list for a book I was going to write; Old But Strong Nutrition.
Then, I thought each point is as sharp as it comes and gives you all you need. No fluff – just the information. Sod the book – I will post this on my site, more people will benefit this way.
So here is the list, no frills no fluff – just the basics of regressing father time and keeping him there as long as we can.

Look – as a natural for life athlete it’s my choice not to use boosters pro hormones and the like.
As we age your natural testosterone reduces – that’s nature, and I know and understand this. But that does not mean I have to just accept this – there are natural ways to keep you feeling younger, stronger, and more virile than you ever could believe all from doing some very basic things in life and nutrition.
All I have done is put them together for you here. For ultimate results do them all.
Note – this will also work for you older girls, as all of this information reduces estrogen and balances hormones. This can only lead to positive outcomes.

The basics of staying young and strong is to train – so make sure you train hard and heavy. The basic planes of motion have to apply here so its squat – bench and dead lift, or if injury prevents these moves, find a way of doing them. Squats may need to be a belt squat or a half rack squat. A bench press type move may need to be dumbbells or a hammer machine, there is always a way. Strive to train hard – and be strong. If you have a saggy arse you are losing muscle and in turn the body’s metabolism – so squat and dead lift. A basic hard and heavy routine two to three days a week will do wonders to muscle mass and releasing testosterone into the system.
I remember an awesome quote by Richard Schuller in his book Power Lifting Over 50, I quote ..
There are a few scams more widespread today than “anti-ageing”. Before going into discussion of the rubbish being sold that make promises of eternal youth, let me remind you of a couple of things you probably know.
1/ Regular workouts with weights will help boost your testosterone levels significantly over time.
2/ Regular workouts with weights will increase your natural production of human growth hormone.
In short, your weight training can do more for you than anything to create great physical vitality and good appearance. If you produce testosterone and human growth hormone from your own body, you will be in a “win-win” situation. “

Very well said and I wholehearted agree. The basics are keep training and stay as strong as you can and don’t overdo it. Rest is just as important, outlined here is a basic program.
Here is an idea:

Day 1
Rack Bench Press 12 – 10 – 8 – 6 adding up
Chins 3 sets as many as possible
Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press 12 – 10 – 8 – 6 adding up
Squats on Machine or Hip Belt Squat 3 sets of 10
Dead Lifts 3 x 5
Curls 3 x 8
Push Down 3 x 15
Weighted Ab Work 6 sets assorted work

Day 2
Rack Half Squats 3 x 8 heavy combo with kettle bell squat light but full range 15 reps
Do the rack immediately do kett squat
Weighted Press Ups 3 x max reps with a plate on your back or weight vest
Bent Over Rows 3 x 12
Lat Raise 3 x 12
Hammer Curls 3 x 8
Close Grip Bench Press 3 x 12
10 min of planks and yoga holds
These could be done twice or three times a week
Monday day 1 — Wednesday day 2 — Friday day 1 again – Monday start on day 2 and so on
These are just ideas for someone older with a few dings and dents.
Basically you are a manifestation and a result of what you do and how you live.
Eat right and train hard – you will look like you do.

Stay Lean
There is not much worse than being overweight for ageing you. If your body-fat to muscle ratio is tipping the scales towards carrying globs of fat around your middle – lower back, legs, bum. We know that muscle is the baseline of the metabolism and your metabolism will run hotter and younger if you keep the fat off. I am not saying you have to be ripped but a small waist and broad full chest and shoulders never hurt any man in making him look young fit and virile. This goes for the ladies too, keep the body hard and lean, it’s simply a matter of eating right and kicking it at the gym, it’s not rocket science. The diet I will outline later will give you an idea of a baseline but for now I want to look at digestion and age.

Nutrient Dense Food
I have noted as I have aged that my digestive system is not what it once was.
Here is my take on this through observation and study.
When you are younger you can eat a huge amount of food, some of it being rubbish (not in my case), and not very clean food.
The digestive system seems to be able to extract all it needs from what you eat. Protein – vitamins -minerals etc. all from a high volume of food. This is giving you a win-win situation, high calories for growth and recovery and the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.
As you age the body cannot seem to absorb nutrients from a clump – if you will – mass of food. So what tends to happen is you are taking in lots of calories with very little nutrition. Essentially overfed – calorie wise but malnourished, so nothing works right, you gain fat and muscle wastes. Not only that, but as you age your body cannot handle stress from many different stressors. Chemicals – training – work – home stuff – it only knows stress, so to me it makes sense to reduce food stress – crap and drink then I can save what I need to recover from hard training. Hard training will transform you, so prioritise it. So clean food that is high in nutrition low in volume.
The answer is…
Make sure you eat food that is nutrient dense. What does this mean?
The best most highly nutritious food you can buy.
Free from toxins
Healthy and vital
Don’t even count calories just eat the best food you can, think first and foremost of feeding the body and eat only when you feel the need. This maybe every three hours or every five, there is no use pushing food on top of food as we did when younger. Control and balance and listening to the body is key.
Meat or Not
I have found that I cannot digest meat very well now. I never feel good when I eat it (listen to your body) so now I don’t eat it.
I found that eggs and salmon work wonders for me and are my base source of protein. If you eat meat buy the best hormone free meat you can buy – also find a way you can cook it so you can digest and absorb it.
Following is a list of what I consider the best foods. This is my base nutrition based on foods I like and what I need. This will serve as a base for you to add and take away from.

My Foods
Base carbohydrate eaten raw.
Oat Bran
Same as above but with a high amount of vitamin E and many other nutrients.
From true free range chickens really high in protein vitamins and minerals.
Wild Salmon
Not farmed – awesome protein source, fish oils off the charts and high in B12. I normally buy wild Alaskan.
Sunflower and pumpkin – high in zinc protein and minerals.
Zinc is a natural hormone release mineral and pumpkin is awesome combined with this.
As above I take these along with the seeds to make a potent mineral cocktail.
All fruits -apples are high in antioxidants and I mix and match many different fruits.
Every kind and colour – mostly raw in salads with chopped fruit.
These I use for health vitality as I want to absorb everything that’s good for you from them.
All organic if you can.
I eat more nuts than anybody I know and always have. I use mostly almonds cashews and walnuts as I enjoy these most.
Great protein, good fats and packed with vitamins and minerals.
There is not many days that one meal is without a serving of nuts and dates. Dates are packed with amino acids and combined with nuts, make a perfect on the go meal.
Mostly Greek as it is high in the amino acid L Lysine – that is awesome for positive nitrogen balance.
I use full fat and never use fat free anything.
Ricotta Cheese
Basically raw whey protein.
Supper high in BCAA that are so good for recovery and lowering cortisol levels.
Blueberries mostly – just one of the best antioxidants there is – reducing toxins in the system stresses the body less therefore your hormones balance out – yep something as simple as eating berries everyday can add the missing pieces to the jigsaw.
Grass Fed Whey
Very clean no crap whey protein – again really high in BCAA.
Olive Oil
The best anti-inflammatory out there, great for boosting testosterone and lowering estrogen – I swill salads in it.
Nut Butter
Almond or Peanut – organic – good fats.
Organic – honey is a super food that has been used since man began.

Throughout my competitive years I used the bare basics of supplements to help recovery and condition.
These where:
Whey Protein
Carbohydrate powder
Now as I have aged to gain the best from my training, recovery, hormones and body composition I have found the ones outlined here to be the best.

This can either be used in powder form mixed with your water for the day or in tablet form – I take 7 to 8 grams a day. BCAA are just incredible at lowering cortisol levels aiding recovery and natural testosterone in the system.

Maca is powdered Maca root that is found in the Peruvian mountains is packed with minerals vitamins and amino acids that it draws from the rocks where it grows. Classed as a super food because it is so rich in nutrients it has amazing health and hormone calming and regulating benefits there are so many, you find yourself thinking yer yer whatever. Then I had the great Robby Robinson at my home for ten days, he raved about it. Still I thought yer yer in the back of my mind. Then a year later I see some in Asda – organic Maca Powder I buy and I try.
Wow – energy – recovery – the well-being feeling and nudge nudge wink wink I could tell my hormones where dancing around like I was 20 again. Look – I eat on point – I train on point everything is always the same. Add something to the mix I know what works. Guys and girls get some.

Animal Pack Vitamins and Minerals
These have been around for over 40 years and they are in my opinion the best.
Remember I said that as we age we don’t absorb nutrients as well, well this is to baseline all vitamins and minerals for me.

Vit C
The best antioxidant out there awesome for recovery and immune system and strengthen muscles and tendons.

Vit D
Use vit D3 — it’s the best -this again is awesome for hormones -bone density and wellbeing.

L Lysine
This is an essential amino acid. Now remember I said earlier that the body as it ages does not have an ability to absorb nutrients as well this also goes for protein. Well the amino acid Lysine helps the body absorb protein better – therefore keeping you in a positive nitrogen balance. This was in the writings by Vince Gironda 50 years ago and again Robby told me about it.
That’s it for supplements – note that some of the above vitamins and aminos’ are high in the foods I also eat – Greek yogurt and Lysine for instance, this gives my diet a super charge and of course results.

The Results
I am holding as much muscle as I did in my thirty’s. I am lean – not show lean as I don’t want to be but abs 24/7/365. I am injury free with good joint mobility and freedom, strong healthy and a god dam sexy beast at 52 what more do I need ha-ha.

Eating Plan
I call this Power Breakfast
Mix in a bowl
Oat Bran
Table Spoon Maca
Hand Full Raisins
Table Spoon Sunflower Seeds
Table Spoon Pumpkin Seeds
1 Scoop Grass Fed Whey
Handful of Blueberries
I add coconut water to this mix up and eat cold
1 Animal Pack
Eggs 2 or 3 boiled usually
Salad including
Lots of leaves and lettuce
1 gram Vit C
400 iu D3
1 gram L Lysine
Good serving of each
Fruit also
Huge salad as above
Serving of Ricotta Cheese
1 gram Vit C
400 iu D3
1 gram L Lysine
Greek Yogurt
Spoon of Maca
Spoon of Nut Butter
Spoon of Honey
Mix together

After training I use Grass Fed Whey in Apple or Grape juice as a recovery aid — organic and the best I can get.
I drink Evian and Coconut water as my fluid intake.
I love a good coffee.
Cheat meal is once every other week or a bar of organic chocolate.
Wrap Up
Well all of the above is not rocket science – but it will produce results.
But you have to do the above, train hard – eat right and do so constantly.
Everybody looks for that one thing – that pill or special diet. This is nothing special it works because its clean and mostly raw – it’s natural so there’s no shit in it. This does amazing things when you help instead of hinder Mother Nature. Try my approach for three weeks – you will be shocked by the positives.
Thank you as always for reading –love to you all –Ian