Nutrition for Geezers

One of the hardest aspects of any training regime is the Nutrition & Food we consume not only during training sessions but also when we are not training.

Here I will show you what food to eat at what times of you training and how prepare your food correctly. I will also give you help and advice on creating your own nutritional plans to fit your goals.

Nutrition For Geezers

I was making a bullet point list for a book I was going to write; Old But Strong Nutrition. Then, I thought each point is as sharp as it comes and gives you all you need. No fluff – just the information. Sod the book – I will post this on my site, more people […]

Total Stage Prep Manual Chapters One And Two

    TOTAL STAGE PREP MANUAL THE NO NONSENSE APPROACH TO BODYBUILDING COMPETITION By Ian Duckett NATURAL, BRITISH, EUROPE, AND WORLD CHAMPION   51 and still killing it(and loving it)    All rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from Ian Duckett This book is presented […]

Recipes And Prep

Your side of the line I can here you now—yep well that’s all well and good if you have nothing to do all day but look after myself and eat my meals on time. Well I am sorry but you are wrong –most of my clients are women with kid’s, homes and jobs –just like […]

Clean Eating And Life

Part Four Of The Nutrition Series  After I have worked with a client for a couple of weeks, I will have them write down what they eat for me for a week. I check out their log book and if the food consumed is maintaining the client’s weight I will change the same baseline calorie […]

Health Nut x

Simple, you are what you eat—every cell in your body is made from the foods you put in your mouth. Are you not worth the best? So many bodybuilders just think they can eat anything, they have no structure, no balance to the foods they take in. They use what I call the shovel method, […]