The last six years have seen a huge life direction change for myself and those close.
Let’s just basically lay it out here.

Here is what life was like….

Work all the time.
Spend money on crap.
Work to pay for crap.
Make loads of money – pay everybody their cut -tax -rent -mortgage -on and on -turning over loads but left with hardly anything for the effort.
Spent hardly any -real quality time with those close.
Because I was stuck in that cycle of having so many outgoings I had to constantly work.
I chased money and ‘stuff’ before a family tragedy; made me truly understand life.

Here is what I did….

De-cluttered life and possessions to the bare essentials.
Paid off all debts and got off that ‘treadmill.’

Here is life now….

Work part time hours only to earn money to pay for holidays and time with those close.
Spend as much time enjoying life with those close as I can.
Enjoy each day doing what I love with family and good friends.
Have as many holidays with those close as I can.
Sounds like a pipe dream eh?
Too good to be true.
Well its not – the life I have chosen now is achievable to anyone- who wants it.

I- as you know use to chase money and business- all I found was stress.
You see, some people thrive on that business stress. The money turn over, staff, bills more money – more overheads -bigger numbers in and out.
Me I thought I did – then realised its not my thing.
So I went the other way – reduced outgoings. I say to my kids “all I want is for you to be happy – either make more money or reduce outgoings – you will soon see what makes you happy.”

I have reduced and downsized even further over this last year by buying a cabin near the coast.
This was done with the intention of selling up in the future and moving there. At present Jo and I are there every weekend and the kids use it through the week.
When I say it is quiet and relaxing – that is an understatement.
The pace of life is so different to the city life its like night and day.
The cabin and the area is so conducive to health and a well mind that time literally goes in slow motion.
The air is clean -fresh and invigorating.
The food available is farm fresh, local and the best quality you can get.
Everything is conducive to having a well body mind and spirit.

In the future, when we live at the cabin.
My goal is to only work a few days a month as the outgoings are so low. My plan is to offer fitness weekends to those interested in following the basic way of life we live and enjoy.
I used to run fitness weekends as part of my Bodyindesign business for around 15 years here in Leeds.
These weekend retreats are a whole different animal, as much about lifestyle and living a stress free life as it is training and eating clean.
I want to offer people a taste of the other-side – so you can decide if the ‘quiet life’ is more to your makeup.
We have had friends over at the cabin and they have all said the same “they felt awesome -free -alive and stress free”.
Many have put the wheels in motion towards their own journey to ‘freedom’.
So here is my goal.
Starting this May 2018
We will be booking two weekends a month for our Fitness Weekends.
Open to couples – singles -or two training buddies.
They will run Saturday and Sunday, as we put you in an awesome B & B close to our cabin.
You will then not touch your car for two days.
The whole weekend will be built around looking after you.
Your training and fitness goals and of course – mindset.
We will feed you and show you how to prepare the meals we give you and we will help you build your future nutrition plan.
There will be of course some awesome workouts in a nearby gym that is set in a beautiful village, again close to our cabin.
The workouts will be tailored to your needs, whether you compete or not.
This ‘life style’ weekend will also include some long invigorating walks on the nearby beach, whereupon we work on stress reduction and a happy healthy life.
In this fast paced world we will be offering you time to ‘step off’ and actually have time to feel and be the real you.
Like I said – open to all -from novice to competitor – we want you only to enjoy and be the best you can be.

The first bookings are in May – in the next month or two I will place an itinerary here on this site with just about everything you will need to know. In the meantime any questions please email me at ian@oldbutstrong.co.uk
Love to ya all Ian

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  1. Russ
    Russ says:

    Hey Ian,

    Sounds like the perfect life to me! Like yourself I have never been driven by possessions… I have a 5 year old boy and always believed “it’s not what you spend on them but the time you spend with them”

    Luckily we live on a farm down in Cornwall, so I can fully appreciate where you are coming from. Luckily Cornwall is 100 years behind everyone else and the city lifestyle hasn’t hit us yet.

    It’s great to hear the weekends are up and running again. Best of luck with 2018; I know you’ll smash it.

    Take care,

  2. Craig Massey
    Craig Massey says:

    That’s great Ian your so right life’s about living not being stressed & skint .I can relate to that makes you think about things so much a great read .

  3. peter yates
    peter yates says:

    Hi Ian, just seen this.Well i have been following your journey and congratulate you on turning things around and taking care of what is really important.Life is only complicated because we make it so. It is a choice but so many do not know how to get started so wonderful you will be offering these weekend getaways to guide others to find ways for themselves. We are just at the beginning of the year of the dog, a time for starting new projects,I am sure this will be a rewarding one for all on many levels.
    Best wishes,Peter.


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