Same Path Different View

As with most areas of my business life things tended to happen by accident.
The main example being back in the late eighties early nineties I trained a couple of girls for a show. Two turned into three – three turned into thirty – before I knew it I had a hundred clients on my books mostly woman.
I had no intention of working with women for figure shows, I just did as I had always done used my 35 plus years of experience and did the best job I could. Word of mouth is the key here and in many businesses.
Fast forward now to present day I work part time, some 50 to 60 hours less than I use to, I have earned early retirement.
I pick and choose very carefully who I help. Again my business although very small took a direction I never saw coming.
The clients I have, have been with me for years, some nearly 30 years and are part of my life, good friends.
One of my clients being an ex rugby player needed a new knee, so we did the rehab work. You can guess what’s coming.
Before I knew it I had worked with and brought back to full strength, three sets of knees -shoulder ops – wrist – and back operations.
Word of mouth again, plus experience and your on a winner in business. Experience is lacking a lot these days in trainers they just need to get there heads down and work with people. Rather than telling everyone how good they are on social media. They need clients to change -the rest will take care of itself.


One of my clients needed to get a knee injury from a horrific accident on a trampoline – being a ski instructor hurting himself off skis did not sit well with him.
Anyway the knee and all surrounding tissue needed major work – two ops needed. But first we had to improve the leg after the first op before the second.
We did this in record time – huge improvement quickly – ready for the second op I knew we would improve even quicker after, why?
Well we had already been down that path, we knew exactly what to do at each and every turn and what to look for and -dare I say enjoy along the way.

Having competed for many years -quick math – 36 years!
Now I no longer compete I can honestly say I have felt lost. Think about this. My whole being – identity was built around getting people ready for the stage and competing myself. Looking at it now a very one dimensional way to live hence the lifestyle now, cannot complain though as all that has built what we have now and freedom.
So – yes lost and it took some adjusting.
Questions like – ok what now – what goal?
You may say to this – why not still compete. But I find my basic stubborn pride in myself puts a stop on that right away. Remember I competed 36 years, I reached my peak – my potential – held on to that for years then slowly declined. No matter who you are mother nature will eventually win. As a natural for life athlete you are only ever dealing with the cards she dealt you.

Full Circle

So with no competition to train for I started shooting myself off in a hundred different directions, trying to find that ‘thing’ that buzz you know.
I tried power-lifting -started to break me down. Dieting just for shoots – went to far – at my age looked wizened – I only know shredded. Olympic lifting – actually is good – felt young and fast – agile so that will stay.
So I was looking for that ‘thing’ feeling more lost. Then after much thought I started to look at this from another perspective.
Instead of feeling lost – I thought no I’m free, free of the constraints of competing. Free to do the training I want -when I like as much as I want.
Now when I did shows – it was so regimented it had to be. For instance I never did CV as I trained just for maximum muscle with minimum body-fat, so everything was geared to that one single goal.
Free now I started to think about how I trained before I started competing. I trained only for the love of it, even though I was really young health was first and foremost. I trained every day in one form or another, weights, running, free hand exercises, chest expander and many other forms of exercise.


So I said to myself, right let’s take that same journey again and I did only now I have a more appreciative eye on it all now.
No longer do I feel lost but I have fallen in love again with the simplicity of it all just like I did before I read to much and made something simple over complicated.
I don’t give two hoots if my training fits into something – I just do.
I don’t care if my diet is not science based and proven – I just eat healthy and it’s as simple as that – I eat what I like when I like and as much as I like. Training and activity dictates food for me.
This is how I ate when I was a kid, I trained loads and ate loads of clean food – BOOM as if by magic I was agile – strong – could run miles and was in shape 24-7-365 instead of a few weeks a year. I talking not show shape now but ‘in shape’ as in strong lean agile -full of energy ‘life shape’.
I feel like that now – and grow – god I am shocked by my size increase – even with training every day – running and so forth. Its as if my body changed and grew as a result of training for enjoyment and not as a result of aiming for it. A side affect rather than the goal.
Here’s to being a kid again, with that wide eyed expectation of your training life ahead of you, before the science gets ya.
Just do – just enjoy – love life and the awesome body and agility you have.

I will start posting some odd workouts here when I can – as always thank you for reading my rambles. Ian

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  1. Andrew stone
    Andrew stone says:

    Hi Ian
    Great post.

    I also just do what I want to do now days.
    Weight twice a week,walk the dog a couple hours a day,some mountain biking and swimming.
    No longer worry about the grams of protein etc ,just eat healthfully and to my appetite.
    No under eating or over eating!
    I feel happier than I have for a long time.

  2. Craig Massey
    Craig Massey says:

    As I’ve got older 58 now I’ve been cycling for 17 years now still do my gym work 2 days a week in the winter 1 day in spring summer as I’m on the bike more .Just the basics I’m not after being big any more I keep toned still love gym work but for me it’s all about longevity .Love your blogs Ian I bought your fantastic book Old but Strong .

  3. Russ
    Russ says:

    Great article as always, Ian. I think sometimes the world of training can become all consuming for some; can’t see the wood for the trees, if you get me. Life is for living at the end of the day.

    Take it easy and hope all is well.


  4. peter yates
    peter yates says:

    HI Ian, great post and so glad to hear you are embracing your new,back to the future direction. So true about word of mouth. I have been an acupuncturist for over 40 years and never advertised. So great that you are now able to use your skills and experience to help others overcome injury and get back into the game too. At 67 i love training as much as i ever did and like you am doing a variety of activities, feeling tremendous and not looking too bad either,well from the neck down anyway,LOL. I actually think the body responds well to kindness and the phrase from the Desiderata comes to mind “beyond an wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.”
    All the best mate,Peter.


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