Burning Desire

I have been a bit quite of late, mainly because life has been a little busy.

In a good way I might add, November and December being particularly cluttered with both kids birthdays and Christmas.

Having got through those months we have hit the road running in this New Year. We have so many plans and goals that just need some foundation under them as a family, main holidays need to be set and saved towards.

The kids are just awesome – seeing life opening up in front of them is like living again. Exciting times ahead for them and I could not be any more proud then now.




After years of treading water so to speak with my training, I never stopped and still trained hard, but at a much lower level of focus. I had far more pressing issues in life to attend to.

Life now is a little more balanced, not the same as the past- but better than the last few years.

With this has come a renewed passion for training again.

I feel excited and very positive regarding gains -expecting changes weekly.

I feel like a kid again – the energy, focus and intensity are as good as ever.

I am sometimes lost in my own little world, lost in the feeling and visualisation of the old days. My mind flashes to past workouts and shows, even old training quarters–old cellar walls covered in tatty ripped out pages from muscle builder magazine. Robby – Zane – Coe – Padilla and Arnold watch my every move as I absorb inspiration from their incredible physiques.


Training with my eyes closed I am transported back and my body knows no difference. Lost in the set of dumbbell bench press—rep after rep –the body is alive and feeling ever inch –burning –pumping –contracting.

I finish the set and sit up placing the dumbbells to the floor, I catch my eyes in the mirror; I see an older self-looking back. I grow 15 seconds older – grab the dumbbells lay back and I’m instantly transported back in time again.

I’m home again – back after years of wandering – always a body-builder.



As always my nutrition is basic -but also instinctive. What I mean by this is after all these years I can read the signs my body gives me. I have eaten clean for so long and so healthy that given my activity and hard training my body tells me its needs. Along with this ‘tuning’ in to my bodies needs – I have also the knowledge to ‘add to’ this with the supplements that will give maximum benefit from my food and training.

At the present my diet consists of hardly any meat. Chicken is maybe eaten at 1 or 2 meals per week.

My main protein source is eggs– fish is also eaten 4 to 5 times a week for 1 meal of the day, this is just me – I am following my instincts with awesome results.

My system at this point now is repelling those normal ‘bodybuilder’ foods, you know, chicken –beef and so on.

Eating as I am at present I feel incredible, and my energy and performance in the weight room is, as I said as good as the old days.

I have also been using amino acids with awesome results.

I mentioned these in a nutrition article recently and I have moved into further use.

I take a full spectrum amino complex in capsule form, 5 to be exact, 15 -20 minutes before each meal. I also take BCAA before training, after and at bedtime.

Along with my clean diet – positive mindset -focused training -these have increased muscle mass at a very lean off/on season.

The ones I use are from Allsports of Doncaster – I’m not sponsored or anything like that – but I’m telling you after all my years of research they are some of the best I have ever used. Plus I can get them all the time, as they are local.

Trust me — research amino’s — they have for me done everything they say on the tin.


That’s all for my ramble today folks -I will pop up some of the workouts I have doing up, you may like to give them a try. They are like old school back to the future sessions.

I am sure you will enjoy the hard work. Love to ya all Ian x


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