My Training Journal

A lot of you want to know what I do on a weekly/daily basis to keep me looking so good at my age.

Here is my Training Journal with techniques and advice that you can use to improve your own program.

Live Again

I was a young lad of 16 – but a man, as for a year I had lived on my own in a small bed-sit above a charity shop. I had very little; bedding, tape-recorder, a few clothes and a stack of bodybuilding mags, that was all. The room had an old chair, a single […]

Same Path Different View

As with most areas of my business life things tended to happen by accident. The main example being back in the late eighties early nineties I trained a couple of girls for a show. Two turned into three – three turned into thirty – before I knew it I had a hundred clients on my […]

Legs and Learning

You are certainly never old enough –or know it all to learn. Even after all these years –I learn something or re-learn something that has been gathering dust in the back of my mind. The points I am going to explain here are basic as hell –but non-the less soooo- valuable. Recently –as many of […]

Smash It

Smash It Now –I don’t know about others –but I am one of those people that lose muscle at an alarming rate if I don’t ‘do what I should do’. Let me explain. I am more suited to endurance sports than bodybuilding –even now I could run for bloody miles and not have a problem. […]

Be Like Conan

I can feel the suns heat beating down, hitting my upper shoulders, back and skinhead. I stand before a homemade sixty-pound barbell laid in the concrete yard at my feet. It’s not much to look at but it’s ours. Vince and I, my best buddy, 13 and 14 years old, respectively. Two paint tins filled […]