Recovery Habits

I mentioned in my last installment in this section that I walk to aid recovery.

You can train till your eyes bug out and you drop to the floor.

You can be on the best training program ever devised.

But unless you recover from that training –you are short-circuiting your gains.

You may also remember in my last article my little line –‘don’t say you can’t gain if you are not working at your recovery’.

Training to gain is a simple process.

Train -Rest -Eat -Recover -Grow.

In that order – always that order.

So let’s just run this out.


Train hard on the basics – always aim to improve your lifts, get stronger work hard.


Have days off from the weights but don’t do nothing in-between sessions of lifting -depending on lifestyle age and training level.

Days off the weights maybe -3 or 4, after all these years you know what works for you, trust it.

Try to sleep well and maintain a tranquil mind.


Eat clean non-processed foods to keep your system clean and efficient.

Include these foods in your diet.


Lots of raw salads and vegetables

Organic meats


Lots of fruit

Nuts and seeds

As much green tea as you like and plenty of clean water


Walk, run, stretch -move everyday do something to flush and cleanse your body


Feel your body change and grow, feel supple, strong -agile.

Enjoy the feeling of being strong muscular and ‘in shape’.


Its just good habits my friends and it takes no time at all to implement the little pieces of the puzzle.

So many guys look for the perfect routine when in-fact all they lack is what should be the core structure around the routine.

Basically –work at the other stuff !

Love to ya all Ian X


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