On a Wing & a Prayer

Injuries, treatment and preventative action are the areas I would like to cover in this section of our site.

Each month I will address an area to hopefully allow you to keep doing what you love.

Recovery Habits

I mentioned in my last installment in this section that I walk to aid recovery. You can train till your eyes bug out and you drop to the floor. You can be on the best training program ever devised. But unless you recover from that training –you are short-circuiting your gains. You may also remember […]

Walk For Health Of Body And Mind

There is not a soul about on this cold early winter morning. The sea wind cuts into me at times pulling my breath from me. It seems to pull on my clothes from every direction and putting one foot in front of the other is difficult on the soft sand. But I trudge on loving […]


It was back in ’92 when I became aware of a trainer called John Parrillo.  He was the trainer behind the huge successes or the start of many stars’ journeys, including Linda Murray, Lee Labrada, and Mike Ashley. One of his early clients I was very interested in was the top natural in the world […]