Brothers in Iron

Over the many years competing and training, Ian has accumulated many friends in the industry and some mentors who have helped and inspired him.

Here we interview some of these people offering their stories, advice and tips to help you reach your goals.

Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Comfort In Being Uncomfortable I have been blessed to have some really hard workouts over the years. Most training sessions are productive – but not all can be balls out, if you did you would some hit a brick wall in a few weeks. 
I am a big advocate of trying the best I can […]

My Most Result-Producing Routine By John Heart

We all perform certain bodybuilding routines with an eye on one thing…RESULTS…and those results are measured by how much muscle growth is produced by said routine.   Does your current routine bring results? How many of the routines that you tried brought little to no results? What was your most result-producing routine of all-time?   […]

From Prince To King Of Back Training

I was a young lad of 19 when I started training with a man with an awesome physique that took me under his wing, literally. My third training training partner up to that point in my training life who probably made the biggest influence to my young mind and training that still stand me today. […]

Time With The Master Robby Robinson

This article was written in 2008 I hope you enjoy it Ian x Time With The Master Robby Robinson Day 1- Sun 21st Sept I got up at my normal time of 4:00am, had a bath and a shave and got dressed, all the while trying not to disturb the family. Stood in the kitchen eating […]

Andrew Palmer Man Of Steel

  Andrew is without a doubt in my mind, one of the most awesome Natural Bodybuilders I have ever met. He was the first to break into the USA Natural stronghold and actually stand toe to toe with them, so impressive was Andy’s size, balance, and condition. A ‘natural for life’ athlete I may add, […]