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Conan HIT Program

This program is a variant on the Conan Program. This one being on a three day split. Let me give you the base work here then get into the HIT (high intensity training) for the building work as I call it. The base strength moves are: Day 1 – Bench Press and Dead Lift Day […]

Conan Program

Over the last year or so I have had some definite goals training wise, two main ones to be exact, and from those two goals grew the present one. This may be just what you are looking for yourself. Let me first cover the aforementioned goals, so you can see how I came upon this […]

Oat Scramble

2 Cups Of Oats 2 Bananas 4 Eggs Blueberries Honey Cinnamon Coconut Butter Mix Cook in a pan in some coconut butter Add honey and cinnamon to taste Serves 2 here

Gary Thornton AKA The Viking

Hey mate and welcome to my first Brothers In Iron section here on Old But Strong.  Now Gaz, I know you’re such a humble guy – one of my best mates, and over the years you have had a huge influence on me. I know you so well, and life is richer with you in […]

Week 3 Training Journal – Tuesday 28/06/2016

Just busting with energy and excitement for training. God its hard, but I am embracing it.  Sometimes you are ready for it, you know – ready for a step up with your training.  This I have done in waves throughout all my training life.  You cannot keep on full throttle all the time.  Like I […]

Week 2 Training Journal – Saturday 25/06/2016

I was ready for legs today the moment my eyes opened.  I could feel the energy literally jumping inside my body. Excitedly I drove to Jo’s place with White Snake blasting out.  There we were meeting Debs for a coffee before we headed to the gym I mentioned in the last journal. The gym is […]

Week 2 Training Journal – Thursday 23/06/2016

I started the day with my usual morning walk, I was out very early at 4.30am.  I must say it was stunning out, the sun was coming up and it cast a deep orange glow to the few clouds about. I use this time to set my head up for the training session to come […]


It was back in ’92 when I became aware of a trainer called John Parrillo.  He was the trainer behind the huge successes or the start of many stars’ journeys, including Linda Murray, Lee Labrada, and Mike Ashley. One of his early clients I was very interested in was the top natural in the world […]

HIT Training

Looking in my journal, Thursday 1 September 2000.  I can remember the day like it was yesterday.  It was a nice, end of the summer evening as my training partner,s Rob and Chris, pulled down a back street in Barnsley, England.  We were looking for a small gym that a buddy of mine had been […]

Week 2 Training Journal – Monday 20/06/2016

Ready to rock this new Conan HIT this week. After finding my way again with intensity last week I feel I am ready in mind and body. Training on lower sets is incredibly hard for a number of reasons. They are: you only have one at most two sets to give all you have per move; […]