About Ian Duckett

About Ian DuckettI am Ian Duckett (a true Weight Warrior) with 36 years under the iron and I love it as much as the first day I touched a weight, with a dream of being the best I could be.

I am a natural for life athlete and have competed in Natural Bodybuilding for most of my life.

I have had some success in this endeavour I might add, winning such awards as the British, European, and World Championships.

I have also competed in powerlifting and although I have won a few regional meets I have yet to win the British.

I have worked in this industry, self‑employed, for around 30 years, helping others achieve their goals, whilst owning and running four training establishments during that time.

Today I work from home with a few select clients, semi‑retired now, writing is my passion and focus.  So much so that I wrote a book recently called Old But Strong, also the name of this site, and just why will become apparent, so please bear with me.

The book just exploded in sales, selling far more than I had anticipated.

This got me thinking!

If the book was such a success, there must be a need for information for the ageing Weight Warriors.

How many of you read an awesome book, become super motivated, and then in a few weeks started to regress to your old ways or find something new?  Six months or even longer down the line you pull the said book out again, and with renewed vigour progress for a while before the motivation begins to lower, again you jump ship or coast.

So here’s my goal.

My goal here is to keep you ‘plugged in’ to my energy.

I want to motivate and help you become the best you can be.

Remember that book ‑ my book?

How motivating was it to you?

I put a depth of me into it I never had before, I knew that and others felt it too.

My goal was to pass on my findings and knowledge from all these years in the iron game so others could benefit.

This is exactly my intention with this site, an extension of the book if you will.

Note: the menu reflects the main chapters within the book ‑ so I can keep everything in place for easy viewing for you.

Being a member allows you unlimited access each month, and the site will be updated almost daily with training journals/videos, and weekly with programs, nutrition and articles, not to mention Q&A access to me personally and much more.

I have huge plans for Old But Strong in the future.