Two Sides Of The Same Coin x

I put a variation of the pic here in this journal on FB yesterday.

Lou had asked me the night before about competing again or at least guest posing.

I dismissed it with the point that I am now focused on powerlifting and just enjoying being strong and healthy.

It did get me thinking though, not as in stepping on stage but the fact of how the two disciplines differ but complement each other to a degree.

There is in both a huge need for the right mindset.

But again, very different.


Rocking My Kitchen x

Rocking My Kitchen x



With bodybuilding you have to have an iron will to diet hard and not surrender to the intense pain needed to bring about muscle size and quality.

On the other side of the coin, in powerlifting you have to constantly push the limits of your strength and battle the fear of heavy weights.

The training is just as hard as bodybuilding but a different feel and mindset is used.

I am really enjoying training for strength at the moment with added activity to keep my body supple and agile.

The nutrition for powerlifting is not as strict as for bodybuilding but in my view should be much more rounded and healthy.

I know many powerlifters don’t eat as well as they could and that’s their choice.

For myself I try to eat a huge variety of natural clean food.

This aids in my recovery and strength gains.

I am taking no supplements at all- just food.

Although I’m not focusing on a look, as in body-fat loss and muscle quality, I am very happy with the look this type of program has given me.

Just basic and simple.

Train hard and heavy.

Run and walk.

Eat very clean and often.

Simple –but many forget these basics.


Training Program

The one we have been on for the last two weeks I will put together and pop it up over the weekend for you.


Tuesday 6/9/016

Gym Brain And Brawn Morley

Bench Day


Bench Press 75kg x 8 reps

Close Grip Bench With Pause

Tester 60kg x 8 reps

65kg x 8 reps main set


Inclines Paused

Tester 60kg x 8 reps

65kg x 6 reps main set


Fly Flat Bench

20kg tester 15 reps

25kg main set 15 reps

Sit Ups 3 x 20



Very good focused session

The pause on the pressing is whereupon you let the weight sit on you inflated tight chest for 2 seconds then press


Thursday 8/9/016

Gym Brain And Brawn

Dead Lift Day


Dead Lifts

Still testing out my squat style stance

Feels good at present

I can stay real close to the bar and drive more from my legs

135kg x 8 reps – every rep stopped dead on floor


Bent Over Row

90kg x 8 reps tester

102.5 x 8 reps main set


Chins shoulder width grip

20kg tester 8 reps

27.5kg x 8 main set


Pull Down Hammer

20kg aside x 8 tester

36.5 aside x 8 main set


Bent Over Lat Raise

12.5kg x 8 reps

15kg x 8 reps main set

Calf Raise to wrap up 62.5kg 3 x 12



Another good day

The weights are slowly building up

Feel fit lean strong

Simple but effective

Happy old lad eh?

Love to ya all Ian


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