Busy Day Nutrition

Ok you need to eat something quick, healthy, high energy to get you through a huge day, you are so busy you don’t know if you are coming or going. It is one of those days that you either do not eat or eat crap.
So how do you get through that day and be true to yourself and goals?
My solution is to eat every few hours organic mixed nuts -dried fruit and fruit.
Sound to simple?
That’s because it is.

Back In The Day
A few years back now –I had a very successful training business –and on really busy days I would eat only nuts and fruit.

Here are a few words I wrote a few years ago about this way of eating.

On my really busy days I will eat nuts and fruit and nothing else till my packed working day is done.
I do this on Wednesdays and have done for years.
Let me give you my little plan here, then let us cover the benefits and how you can use this strategy.
Wednesday is my big day – I make it that way so Tuesdays and Thursdays I can spend the days writing and drawing.
So Wednesday I pack it out with 16 clients -back to back.
With this schedule there is no time to eat a base meal- but the time crossed between clients I can eat a serving of nuts, dried fruit and fruit.
It is quick to eat and I can do this while looking out of the window for my next client pulling in- so they don’t catch me eating.
So this is simple.
Normal breakfast
Every three hours or so- a serving as in the photo.
I will do this right till home time, late evening whereupon- I will have a light meal before bed.
On this day I use no supplements I just keep it as basic as possible.
How You Could Do This.
Let’s say you have meetings all day -again this is easy to implement – most meetings will stop for coffee. Not enough time eat a meal – but more than enough to pop this type of meal in.
Being on the road – as in a businessman or rep- easy fill your car with these foods and you won’t be tempted to eat crap at a service station.
Nuts and dried fruit will keep in the clove box – stock it up and the next time you are stuck in traffic or driving for hours – all your bases are covered.
The basics of nutrition here are fantastic. You are consuming plenty of calories with very little volume -meaning you can get your job done without feeling sluggish.
In each of the meals you are consuming protein -carbs and fat.
Yes the protein is lower than normal for that day -but -so what.
What you are doing in affect is giving your system a rest and cleanse from eating meat – day in day out.
I feel this has nothing but benefits for your system. Like I said I have done this for years and I remember writing in an article many years ago -something along the lines of– don’t think every meal has to be meat based.
The nuts and fruit are packed with nutrients -vitamins -minerals -trace minerals -fats -many different amino acids – and much more. This day boosts your system – cleans your insides – this in turn releases masses of energy.
You will power through your busy day alert and bright.
Not – coffee and sugar induced artificial energy — but a clean burning, bright better energy – that can be seen by others.
Be a better you – eat right.

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