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Having done eight weeks of the Conan program with a four-week block of Conan HIT incorporated into those eight weeks. I think it’s about time for a change for body and mind. The HIT has been just incredible and in six weeks or so we plan to return to it with an experiment on just how much we can gain over another eight-week block. Let me give you the reasoning behind this program and the future goal.

I have a photo shoot in three weeks and the girls have major figure shows soon after. They more than me need a change of stimulus. That’s not to say the HIT has not worked, quite the opposite it has worked big style. But that said you can get too much of a good thing and we are all very lean and on a prep diet.

This can at this stage in the game draw too much on your resources, making recovery and carb storage an issue. I know with experience when to back off, I also know the girls need a NEW stimulus and focus down the final stretch.

Like I said, we plan on going back to HIT after the events noted above.

This will be all documented on this site for you, but here’s a quick heads up.

I/we will have a starting point and ripped stage look point from which to work from. I will conduct body fat tests that will give us a lean mass and body fat percentage and starting strength/reps on all the base moves.

Over the eight weeks I will document everything training/food recovery work …everything.

Let’s see what a 51 year old and two figure girls can gain in that time frame.

So that’s the goal.

You may like to follow the whole plan yourself with adjustments to your needs and wants.

You have a few programs here now to try, so if I can suggest something I would say get stuck into one of them, maybe this or another that excites you.

Give it six to eight weeks and then have a look at the new one and see if it’s up your street.

Anyway let’s get back to this program

I have called this program Train For Gains for want of a name to identify it.

The name came and program came to me while reading the classic book Keys To Progress by John Mccallam.

One of the favorite chapters is Training For Gaining, whereupon he accounts a workout by the great Reg Park.

The workout as you can guess covered basic moves and hard graft.

After using machines and free weights over the last eight weeks my goal was to base it down to being able to train at home/base gym with just a rack bar and dumbbells.

We have been to some awesome gyms and used to brilliant kit- but when you go somewhere new, there is a break up in focus as everything is slightly different. Over the next few weeks we need everything standardising, what with shows and shoots coming up. So the basics it is.

I will give you the program here then some notes at the end.


Day 1


Bench Press

2 Rounds

Incline Bench Press 2 sets

Pull Over


2 Rounds

Bent Over Row 2 Sets

Shrugs 2 sets


Day 2

Lat Raise

Standing Press

2 Rounds

Bent Over Lat Raise 2 Sets

Incline Curl 2 sets

Curl 1 Set

Triceps Extension Dumbbell 2 sets

Dips 1 set



Day 3

Squats 1x 20

Leg Press

Front Squats

2 Rounds 15-20

Leg Curl 2 sets 15 -20

Stiff Leg Dead Lifts 1 set 20

Calves 2 Sets 15 -20



Three days a week – for me- Tuesday -Thursday – Saturday.


As you can see I have dropped the main move section, heavy singles none of us at present have a powerlifting meet till the year-end. So that said I have put a pre exhaust section for each body part, to work the muscle tissue more and stress different areas and quality’s.

Only the legs do not have this at the start.

I wanted to work on and have the whole program built around 20 rep squats.

Just as McCallam did with so many of his programs.


I have listed the reps on legs but not upper body.

The plan with rep ranges and progression is on upper body aim between 8 and 12.

If I cannot get 8 –weight stays – if I get past 12 it goes up next session, simple.


I will start each session with sit ups and hyperextensions 2 to 3 rounds as a warm up along with my usual warm up per area.


The squats are the base of this whole program.

Aim for 20 reps after a few warm up sets and move the weight up week on week.

I did these years ago with good results.

I am feeling good these days, eating well and recovering.

So I will push on in a slightly different direction to HIT.

The sets are still low on this program but no forced reps or the like. Just a base weight/reps progression.


Any questions shoot me an email

Love to ya all Ian x


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