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The program here is a kind of full circle thing for me.

I love it because I’m training just for the feeling of being ‘in shape’ for the love of just doing ya know.

For years I have trained for some specific goal. Bodybuilding shows, powerlifting meets, photo shoots.

Every one of those goals needed laser like focus and dedicated specific plans of action.

But now at this point in my training life, I feel as though I have come full circle. Back to the days as a kid when I trained to just love it and feel awesome.

No specific direction with it apart from doing cause I loved it and felt awesome and looked good as a side affect and not through obsession.


When I was a kid I trained with weights to be strong and to be like Conan, don’t laugh, functional strong and look it. I did free hand exercises also, body weight moves that gave me athletic ability for being active outdoors.

I also run, cross-country, through woods and the beach, I also walked everywhere.

This gave me fitness, agility and health.

As the months have worn on and I have been slowly moving towards these segments of the training baseline. I have felt better and better.

If I was powerlifting for instance I felt tight, sluggish, unhealthy.

Bodybuilding – weak – drawn.

Since I have done a more rounded health approach program I have noted a few things.

I am strong all the time.

I look as lean and muscular as if bodybuilding.

Also this has taken no obsessive direction, but rather happened as a side affect of the training I have been doing.

So – just like when I was a kid, I feel awesome and feel like I am starting my journey all over again.


The Program

Two Weights Days

Two Runs

One Dino Bodyweight Day  

Walk Everyday

Eat Natural


Weights Days

Program A

Rack Press Shoulders 3 x 5

Dumbbell Bench Press 3 x 8

Dumbbell Rows 3 x 8

Close Grip Press In Rack 3 x 5

Dumbbell Curls 3 x 8

Calf Raise 3 x 10


Program B

Squats 1 x 20

Trap Bar Dead Lift 3 x 5

Rack Bench Press 3 x 5

Chins 3 x 8

Dips 3 x 12

Curls 3 x 12


Notes On Weights Days

I have kept the reps on the low end so I can move some iron. The 8 and 12 rep prescription’s are for bodybuilding work.


Simply – if you get your rep goals add a small amount of iron to the bar next session.

If you don’t get them you don’t move up.

Start this program conservative – so you can spend weeks building up.

Don’t balls to the wall it first session as your form will break and so will you.


Note the workouts cover nearly all body apart from A that has no squats as the 20 rep Squats and heavy Dead Lifts leave your legs needing more recovery.

I do my weights days Tuesday and Saturday.


Dino Bodyweight Day

This I picked up from Brooks Kubik – check out his book Dinosaur Bodyweight Training.

This day for me is a full body free hand training day.

I will do as I feel with this, for as many exercises sets and time I feel like doing on the day.

All I am looking for on this day is full body synergy –mind and muscle.

This day will be for me on a Thursday, right between my two weights days.

Check my journals for this day for ideas if you need them.



Simply run, just get out and run.

Start steady and in time you will find your flow.

As the weeks go by you will find you feel, lighter, fitter leaner, energized.

At present you may be able to do 5 minutes but soon you will have no problem covering a few mile.

Run outside on earth – not roads or pavements. I brisk walk to a place I like to run and then do a session; I like woods, hills and being in the fresh air come rain or shine.

For me this all adds to the health aspect being outside in nature.

Morning Run Hills Included x

Morning Run Hills Included x



I use walking as a recovery health base.

My baseline is 2 hours a day.

Its easy to do – I do at least an hour early morning then a 2 to 3 shorter walks though the day.

You body works better after walking, it seems that everything clicks into place where it should be.

Not only that – you become lean -devoid of body fat without analysing a frigging macro.

You also flush toxins from your body -and this aids recovery.

So you get stronger and more muscular.


Eat Natural

I have covered this so many times.

Eating clean is simple.

Just eat natural healthy food.

Check out my nutrition section and also my book for ideas to structure how you want and need to eat.

I tend to structure a baseline-eating plan and follow that and make adjustments as I go.

I count nothing – all I do is eat for health and vitality.


End Note

This is a program that would fit most trainers that just want to be the best they can be all-round.

As the name of the program implies Strength Size Agility.

All bases are covered here and its not life consuming either.

The above can fit into even the busiest life and family obligations.

I will keep posting up journals to keep you motivated and I will also post up on youtube how to fill in the baseline journal log sheets.

(check this out by clicking the youtube icon at the top of the homepage)

Email me I will send these out to you in a PDF all you have to do is print them and keep them in a file.

Take care an enjoy feeling and looking awesome x

Love Ian






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  1. Craig Dillon
    Craig Dillon says:

    ” No specific direction with it apart from doing cause I loved it and felt awesome and looked good as a side affect and not through obsession ” <<<<<< this 😉

  2. Ken
    Ken says:

    So true, training for strongman event left me feeling broken down. Moved to OCR now, and what your talking about here is perfect


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