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These days I am more aware of father time and mother nature than I ever was as a youth.
As a youth you could storm out on your own path like the unruly teenager you were.
What do they know?
But just as you find yourself saying the same things to your kids, that your parents said to you, you do eventually listen, absorb and accept.
With age comes as many negatives as positives. The trick is to become fluid enough to work around them and be at one with mother nature and father time; not to fight them – as you will never win, but to rather flow with them.
This way there is no strain, upset and anguish, only focus on that what can be done.
With these points in mind the program I am outlining here for you is a blueprint for me. This is not to say you cannot gain something from it whatever your age. Pick and mix what appeals to you and your needs.
Here are my goals, these were the base behind this program.
After years of bodybuilding and powerlifting even though I have done things natural. Extreme levels of conditioning and the stress you put the body under with structured over-training for events, if we are honest – is not healthy.
My goal now is to have robust health. No extreme of anything – remember ‘flow’.
Strength is the basis of all life and youthfulness. I want to be as strong as I can without pushing the envelope too far. Now at the risk of sounding like a pussy hear me out. As I train now I must live by the rule DO NO HARM. There is no gain that outweighs the risk at this point in my life. I train now ‘to train’ not demonstrate strength.
I have found that lifting hard but within my means allows me to when needed demonstrate strength at a contest and such.
But even so, again I will only lift with my base strength. To me – maybe not you being younger than I, will maybe not agree here,
I pushed my potential when I was younger.
Now I see too many guys my age or a little older having to stop training through injury – and many are undergoing operations. Like I said that risk I’m not willing to take now. I want to train for life – I cannot see the point in squatting 500 now – and later in life not be able to squat at all. I would rather do 300 in my 60’s and beyond. If I win a power meet it will be on base strength – pushing it to far does not feed my kids.
I constantly strive to be fluid and mobile. Life and movement is energy – and the more you can move the more energy you have and zest for life.
With my weight training I try and work on some days from many different angles and with as much safe range as possible.
Running was a love for years but now old niggles are felt too much and it is too much alongside the weights. But, remember I said I focus on what can be done.
So now I walk miles every day, power walk if you will. I walk briskly and also cover agility here walking hills, woods – creating balance and coordination.
I am out in the fresh air and natural light for hours each day and feel that it clicks everything into this machine that is my body.
Recently we – Jo and I have started Olympic Lifting. This is a very athletic way of training and just suits me fine as I move forward in my life – training journey.
I noted years ago that there are far more ‘old Olympic Lifters’ than any other weight sport. Obviously being more athletic agrees with father time’s rules.
So with the above in mind here is my week’s schedule.
All Body Weights Session
This could be anything – lots of super sets and higher in reps – med weights.
To give you an idea here is one we did last week.
Shoulder Press Machine
Pull Downs
Incline Fly
Lat Raise
3 Rounds 15 reps each
Front Squats 5 x 5 nothing heavy, but smooth and deep
Flat Dumbbell Bench
Low Row
3 Rounds 15 reps
Incline Dumbbell Curls
Push Down
3 Rounds 15 reps each
Power Day
Just the basics – as you can see I add up the weight as I lower the reps to a top 4 (but not max) for that day
Train to gain strength not demonstrate it
Squats 10 – 8 – 6 – 4
Bench Press 10 – 8 – 6 – 4
Dumbbell Incline 3 x 10
Abs Neck Calf’s 3 sets each 15 -20 reps
Walk miles morning and late afternoon
Olympic Lifting 3/4 of an hour
Then a quick all body session with super sets and medium weights
Walk miles
Power Day
Olympic Lifting – 3/4 of an hour then
Power Work
Dead Lifts 5 – 4 – 3
Shoulder Press 10 – 8 – 6 – 4
Bent Rows 3 x 5
Abs 3 sets
Walk miles
I do walk around 5 miles every day but on off training days will do even more.
I also do lots of stretching and eat very well. This I will write about soon.
I hope you enjoyed this article and had a little incite in to how my mind ticks in order for me to set my training for me. The idea is for me to make your mind tick over so you can come to mind with what need and want.
Love to ya all Ian

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  1. Markus
    Markus says:

    Hi mate! How do your joints manage the Weight Lifting Training. Knees and shoulders? It´s hard for them doing snatches a.s.o.
    LG Markus


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