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I look around all the time at people in restaurants, walking in the streets, at the pictures and I watch them eat.
I watch them eat rubbish foods that add fat to those already out of shape bodies and I wish I could get through to them just how much they are killing themselves.

I am all for advancement in this world but in the area of nutrition, we are nowhere near what was classed as good nutrition years ago. The fast pace of this world now and the mass production of our ‘food’ demands short cuts, for instance.
Chicken is injected with growth hormone to allow for rapid growth which gets it on the table sooner and allows for quicker turnaround for the so called farmers- it’s all about money, no thought at all given to the human race and its health.

Other meats are the same- injected, coloured, well and truly messed about with.
Millions eat what they think is meat- burgers, packed processed ham and chicken- Do you know that they put everything they can’t sell into those things? Head, hooves, horns, tails, bones- the lot!
I know this as fact as my wife Louise had someone very close to her work for the factory that produced burgers for a well know chain.
When I say the whole beast went in—I am not kidding.




It goes on and on, bananas are made straighter and carrots are coloured. Science is messing about with Mother Nature- it’s not natural.
But science is not winning- because- although money is being made by humans it means nothing as we are killing ourselves, disease is rife and obesity is at epidemic level.
It’s ironic that millions spent on advancing the human race –millions- in balance, or slightly tipping the scales-is spent on the health service.
I read a piece the other day—that brought to light that hospital beds and mortuary slabs are having to be made bigger —to fit the ‘larger humans’ that are becoming the average now.

Cancer is one of the biggest killers in the civilised world because of the toxins we take in. I actually believe that the toxins from foods these days are causing Cancer. There are so many toxins out there- pollutants in the air- smoking- drinking- chemicals- pesticides- drugs- why would you want to take in more? I could go on and on.

Mother Nature is not being beaten and no matter how much money you have, she can take you down.

The body can only take so much shit before it decides enough is enough and everything you take for granted suddenly becomes so precious.

Look around, how many people do you see who are overweight?
The fast food world and the so called advancement of day to day life has made us lazy and fat, full of aches and pains, headaches, bad knees and other joint problems and no hair. Yes- this brings me to a programme I watched a while back that showed a beach in England in the early seventies. The beach was packed with holidaymakers. I said to Louise-“what do you notice about all those people?” Here’s what she said. “They are all lean and they all have good heads of hair”.

Just think about that for a moment- Any man nowadays in his thirties with hair is rare- don’t you think that’s odd? Don’t you think it’s odd that you hardly see anybody in good lean shape these days?
Don’t you think it’s odd that it’s hard for humans to have children, many couples are seeking IVF as nutrition or lack of it affects virility and fertility. It may also be all estrogens from the pill in our water system. I once read a medical report that stated that the water in London has been passed through 7 people –it’s recycled that much.

I blame it all—all the ill health most suffer, on the rubbish that the civilised world calls food and water.

I had a client recently tell me a story—that for me brings to mind just how drugs that are used in animals filter down into us.
This girl works with horses and whenever a horse is injured beyond help and cost they either have the animal shot –or a vet comes out and uses drugs to put it to sleep
If the horse is shot—or dies of natural causes they can either have the knackers man come round for it. He will pay you and take it away—it will then be sold by him for pet food.
He will not take it if it has been drugged, as they will not use it for pet foods!!!.
The other option is to have the man who looks after the hunt come round for the animal. Again he will pay you and take away the body—he will then chop the horse up and it will be fed to the blood hounds.
So this is the story—the friend of my client had a horse that needed to be put down.
The vet came and did so.
She was left with the body—she tried to bury it on her land.
After days of digging –no chance.
So she rung the huntsman, he asked “has the animal been drugged”
“No” she replied. Obviously lying.
He came, paid her and took the horse off her land.
The meat from the horse was fed to the blood hounds in the preparation of a coming hunt.

When they came to get the hounds some time later –every one of them was in drug induced sleep that they could not wake them from.
The whole hunt was cancelled and it was many hours before the dogs came round.
The girl was taken to court and fined.

Let’s look at this.
The drug had been in the horse for days!!
It was seeped into the meat of the animal.
The drug was enough to put some 20 dogs to sleep for hours.

Do you not think that drugs used in cattle and chicken will not filter its way into us?

Food that science has made causes people to overeat, largely because food is so devitalised- (food robbed of nutrients).
When we eat devitalised- processed foods nutrients are missing that the body needs, so although we eat a lot, we are still hungry. Processed foods become like a drug- you are hooked on taste, salt, sugar and fat. So when you don’t eat for a few hours you crave. Your body tells you that you want these bad foods and you end up hunting the cupboards for it or on the phone for it to be delivered.

You see the body is an amazing machine and it will struggle on. It will try to survive and do the best with what it has available-It will survive- but at what cost to it?
It doesn’t have the best nutrients to make new cells so they don’t reproduce as well and you age quicker.

It can’t cope with the over indulgence of junk food and alcohol so it dumps it into the fat cells. The liver can only detoxify all the chemicals for so long and then it gives up.
The heart can only put it with so much saturated fat, sugar and stress before the arteries become blocked.

Yes the human body is an amazing machine and it will survive but only for so long. You will be a time bomb ticking away if you don’t help yourself.

Another one of my sayings is ‘Death is too easy to come by- don’t give it a helping hand’.


There are many other countries in this world that have not fallen to the food wars.
I have a client, Bob, who is married to Yvonne who is from Switzerland so naturally they visit there often to see her family. Bob and I talk a lot about how other cultures live and their diets. He told me this about how Yvonne’s family eat when they visit- this is how he put it. “They live off the land, everything is organic. The cheese in one shop is made from those cows in that field. Bread is made fresh each day in that shop and wine is made in that one. Vegetables are grown local and are sold in that shop.

This is the same lifestyle that my grandad had in the early years of his life in his native Latvia and it’s as healthy as it comes.
Nothing is processed or tampered with in any way. It’s all fresh, unprocessed, healthy, clean food.
Butchers work closely with the farmers and no drugs are used in the rearing of any livestock. I could go on- I think you know what I’m getting at”.

I asked Bob how they physically looked. He said they are lean and very healthy looking. Yvonne’s grandad is lean, strong and very lively. He’s in his late 80’s and has no ailments.

I remember reading not too long ago about some tribes in the deepest Amazon having an average life expectancy of 105; they have no diseases, no tooth decay, and no obesity. They live natural and eat natural things like wild game, nuts, greens, berries, seeds and roots.

In the self same book the point was put across that animals typically live 6-8 times their maturation age. Carnivores fall in at the shorter end of the spectrum, Horses for instance mature at 3 years and live up to 24 years.
Homo sapiens mature at 21 years. So humans living naturally should live up to an age of 120-150 years.

There have been many documented records of people living beyond 120 and even to 150 by simply living under natural conditions, away from the civilised world where food in its purest form is found.

The fact these days that humans live a short life span is indication that something is wrong. Primitive humans were strong, lean and agile and had an astonishing life span.

I have searched for years for the perfect diet if there is such a thing. I believe I am close to it and it’s what I practice and preach to my clients.

This manual, I would love to be, your be all and end all, of understanding food and its role in the human body.
Sure there will be many other books that catch your attention down the line-But I hope the information here will allow you to look at information with more logic and wisdom, therefore, allowing you to make the right choices.

Again to summarise this chapter;
Eat clean, eat natural, eat organic- be healthy. Let’s look at what it takes to be healthy.

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