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A few years ago I use to make my own bread all the time. This is something I will be doing again in the very near future. The recipe here I picked up from an old organic cookbook that I no longer have. But I do remember the recipe, because I made it so often.

It is quick and easy to make and anyone can do it, I guarantee you will not be disappointed by the taste and health giving prosperity’s this bread will give you.

It is so much better than store bought bread (even organic), as it has nothing other than what you put in it. You control the ingredients.

What you need. 

Organic Spelt wholegrain flour

This flour is an ancient relative of modern wheat. It was used thousands of years ago by the Romans and was the staple diet of the soldiers.

Spelt is a far more natural grain –that has not had years of degeneration like modern wheat has. Lets just say –it’s close to its true DNA. High in protein –better fiber content and all its vitamins intact –and it tastes awesome.

Organic full fat natural yogurt

Organic apple juice


Raw coconut butter 

Large bowl

In the bowl –put in 16oz of spelt flour

With your hands rub into the flour till absorbed…

4 tbsp. of coconut butter

Add also 4 tsp. of dried yeast and again mix into the flour

Now we move on to the next stage

Warm up in a pan -12 tbsp. of apple juice

Do not boil, but just off

Add this to your flour mix

Next, add 12 tbsp. of yogurt to the flour mix

Stir with a fork first to mix –then get in with your hands and make into a dough ball

Place this now on a floured surface and knead for at least five minutes

Keep adding flour to your work area-­‐and work the bread dough hard

When this is done and the ball is smooth and elastic shape it and place on a lightly greased tray or tin

Cover with a clean tea towel and set aside in a warm place till it rises to double its size

I place mine near the fire or radiators

This may take 2-­‐3 hours

Remove the tea towel and cook in the pre heated oven at 220-­‐for 30 to 40 minutes or until done

To test to see if it is done tap the underneath –if it sounds hollow –it’s done




This bread will not bloat you like many bread and bread products do. With it being natural and very basic in the way it is made-­‐ without any OTHER products that are added to bread to give the loaf shelf– life, color, texture –I could go on.

This loaf is old school –looks natural, tastes fantastic and is very good for you. Packed with protein –carbohydrates and many vitamins and minerals.

You can also add to it –as your taste and needs dictate, dates, raisins, walnuts, cinnamon –whatever you fancy.

But first get use to the base then step up you game.

The staff of life bread was called for many years.

I eat this with many meals –as- an-add-on to my main meal. Sometimes I will have it with organic natural butter –or toasted and dry, its fantastic.

This is something I did as a kid. I was always taught that a meal was more complete with bread and we were not ‘rich enough’-to eat a meal without it.

Bread was seen, in the old days as a meal bulker and filler.

Funny how many of the old guys never had the problems that plagues the human race now.

Good basic food is healthy and life giving.

As a side note guys wanting to gain good muscle tissue –the bread above is a very good form of complex carbohydrates and also has masses of B-vitamins.

B-vitamins are the bases of food utilization, meaning they help your body absorb nutrients from the food.

Better absorption –more gains.

What could be better than that?

Enjoy Ian x

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