Off/On Season Diet Changes

Just to keep you in the loop with this journey. Here are my changes in my baseline-eating plan.

I have added around 500 or more calories per day now.

This I will hold for a few weeks all the while keeping an eye on the scales, mirror and body-fat test.

I did a test last week and doing it the Parrillo way over 9 points I was 5.3 percent. So lean enough at this point in the journey.

Goal is to just add lean tissue, gain back what I had in the past. Not as hard as you may think. With the right food – slowly added up and intense training it will jump back. I have done this many times before and with clients.

As muscle tissue comes back on I can up my calories a little more, I will gain a little body-fat but make sure by the testing that most of the weight is tissue. I will not go over 6.5 percent anyway.

In my new book out in the spring next year I cover every different approach to off-season and show prep depending on the starting point of the individual.

Ok so what I did here was add more rice and potato to my main meals and added oats at my last meal as my metabolism was running away with me.

The oats sustained me more through the night.

I awoke looking fuller and good to train.

For the first part of this baseline diet look to the last entry in this nutrition section.



I squint cause i can't frigging see x

I squint cause i can’t frigging see x

Off-season plan —base



1-cup oats 360

2 organic eggs 180

3 organic whites 45

1 scoop whey 120

1 banana 100

Berries 50




Met rx meal replace 250



6oz chicken organic 220

1 cup of rice 240

Broccoli 50

Nut butter 2 spoons 210




Met rx meal replace 250



Beef 6oz or salmon 340

200g sweet potatoes 220

Broccoli 50




1 cup of oats 360

1/2 a Met rx 125

1 nut butter 110


Total 3280


Training day drink add

2 scoops whey 240

1 scoop maltodextrin 190

1 scoop organic baby porridge 90

Total 3800 with drink 



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