Lean And Strong Diet

How do you balance being lean and also be strong and furthermore healthy?

Well it’s bloody easy and I am going to tell you how.

As I stated in my book Old But Strong, if we were stranded on an island and all we could eat was the food we foraged for.

Vegetation, fruit, fish, nuts and some small game we could catch.

In 12 weeks when rescued – how good would we look?

Would you count calories?

Would you fuss over the latest supplement?

Would you worry about getting enough protein?

No you would be consumed by making sure you ate and you would eat till satisfied and if not you would eat something else.

You would eat to live!

It would have to be clean food as there is nothing else. No crisps, no take outs–not a Greg’s in site.

You would spend your days walking, climbing, hunting, fishing making a fire and shelter. If you had energy left after all that survival stuff, maybe you may do some chins and press ups and lift some rocks to stay strong to better be able to survive.

Again a few months on this island how awesome would you look?

Even if you are an old weights warrior like me, god how young fit strong and agile would you look and feel?

All because of only eating clean natural food being active and outside.

I know this is hugely simplified but hang with me here.

What if you were to base out your life and nutrition to something similar as being only able to eat clean?

It can be done in a modern world and the results come with very little thought other than just eat clean and to the amounts you feel you need.


If I want to be lean, agile, strong and healthy.

Here’s what I do – and doing right now.


Walk miles every day

Be active – I train hard heavy and basic and also do athletic stuff, prowler, lift and move things constantly

Eat as natural and clean as I can

Eat as often as I feel I need

Eat lots of raw greens, fruits and nuts

Drink plenty of fresh water

Spend as much time as I can outside


Again simple.

You will be surprised by how muscular, lean and fit you will become by just implementing the above mission statement.

Things happen when there simple and you can follow the plan long term.


Now let’s give you a run down of my eating plan for you to soak up ideas for you to plan something out for yourself.












Eggs or fish

Fresh green leaves, spinach and the like

Fruit and berries








Meat or fish

Fresh green leaves, spinach and the like

Fruit and berries









The only thing I have processed is protein powder and coffee


I eat as and when I feel the need


Amounts are due to how I feel, hard training day I tend to eat more, less when resting


I don’t worry about protein and just eat a little at each meal


I buy all organic


I like fruits and veg and it makes me feel clean and alive


You can set a meal plan to suit you and your life.

If you are busy working all day snack on nuts and fruit all day then eat some meals after work.

Fit it to you.


I feel good eating this way – this is based for me to be lean and muscular and above all feel healthy.


Don’t make eating a problem – just eat clean.

Remember the island?

How good would you look and feel?



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