My Lean Off Season Plan

Five weeks prior to being 51 and being on holiday in Florida I tested the waters to see if my body could pull back what I once had. I stepped up my training (article tomorrow) and tightened the hatches on my eating. I have always eaten clean and basic –but if I was to pull off this comeback of sorts I had to make sure I was on point with everything like I use to be.

I am happy to say it worked and in five weeks I pulled together a 90% of a stage look. This gave me a real positive take off for the year ahead. To say I am excited about this journey is an understatement and I know deep within me I can pull something special out of the bag by fall of next year.

Now with my diet I followed my instincts and knowhow and developed a base off-season eating plan. My goal being to gain back lean tissue and stay within 5 or so pounds of a stage look. That said –I am down a little in size –so as the months progress I will gain size but also get tighter, so by the time it comes around to dropping a few carbs and things out I will hardly have anything to loose. This way I can fill into my skin –grow into a show and come in hard and vascular.

I count myself lucky in the fact that I have a fairly fast metabolism and at 51 I feel like my hormones are through the roof. This I would attribute to clean eating and heavy basic moves in training.

Anyway to the plan…


Off Season Baseline Diet




1 cup of oats 360

2 organic eggs 180

3 organic whites 45

1 scoop whey 120

1 banana 100

Berries 50

Total 855





Met Rx meal replace 250





6oz chicken organic 220

1/2 cup of rice 120

Broccoli 50

Nut butter 2 spoons 210

Total 600




Met Rx meal replace 250




Beef 4oz or salmon 6oz 240

5oz sweet potato 100

Broccoli 50

Total 390





1 scoop whey 120

1/2 cup Greek yogurt 200

Berries 50

2 spoons nut butter 210

Total 580


Daily Total 2925


Training day drink add

2 scoops whey 240

1 scoop maltodextrin 190

1 scoop organic baby porridge 90

Daily Total With Drink 3445



The weights of the meats and carbs are cooked weights apart from the oats.


I make a few oat cakes out of meal one ingredients.


I love Met Rx –I remember back in 92 using these original packets and making real good gains. I noted a difference in muscle fullness almost right away.

I have a few ideas why, here they are.

1/ I have a small frame and digestive ability; the meal replace allows me to increase protein and cals without any burden on my system.

2/ I maybe absorb that type of protein better.

3/ It has a good serving of glutamine and BCAA-that when taken in this way –with everything else I absorb it better.

Hence I recover and look fuller.


You may note I have not gone mad on carbs here –but just token amounts with each meal other than meal 1. I train early so it works for me to have that has the highest carb meal to replenish my body.


I use nut butter –almond being my favorite.

Note I have added fats to my meals apart from the ones that have a good amount of fat already there.


I have Greek yogurt as my last meal as it aids digestive health, it is also high in the amino lysine. I add even more nut butter and protein to this meal to slow its absorption even more while I sleep. Otherwise I look drawn and flat when I get up I burn that many calories while sleeping and because I am so lean.


Post workout drink is a mix of pro and carbs –I also add in some baby oats so as not to completely whap in those carbs. I use to have only simple carbs but in time found a mix better. The baby oats are just fine ground- so its better to drink than normal oats –that’s the only reason I use them.


So that’s it –simple basic and effective.

All I will do is add to this over the next few months depending on body composition. I will write you up something else in the next few weeks, this way you can pick some ideas from it for yourself as I work my way down my journey road.

Love to ya all Ian


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