Chuck’s Eating Plan

Chuck Sipes was one of my favorite bodybuilders over the years.

He always reminded me of my good friend Si Martin.

A real mans man – tough, strong agile.

I have had this base diet of Chuck’s for as long as I can remember.

And at times have followed many aspects of it through the years.

I like it because it’s real food, its healthy and natural.

He did not focus on macro’s or calories, but rather focused on health and vitality.

In my mind -just as it should be.

Chuck trained hard and spent many hours hiking most weeks in the mountains.

So he ate good, trained hard and was very active.

Simple eh?





4 eggs -cheese

Whole-wheat stoneground bread and honey

Wholegrain cereal milk and fruit



Fresh fruit and almonds



Fruit juice

Large salad with sunflower seeds and 2 large whole-wheat peanut butter sandwiches, two classes of milk



Nuts and fruit or bulk drink

This was

2 cups milk

Pro powder

2 spoons Blackstrap molasses

1 spoon honey

1 spoon Ovaltine

1 banana

1 scoop natural ice cream



Steak or fish with salad and brown rice

Some whole-wheat bread and butter

Tea with honey

And some natural ice cream


At Bed

A glass of fresh juice and sunflower seeds



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