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This article is about my experience with Branch Chain Amino Acids.

This is not a technical article, as there is a huge amount of information like that out there. This article is a ‘how to use’ BCAA for the best effect.

The information here is from two of the world’s best body-builders, and they gave it first hand, in the spoken word to yours truly.


My first year of using BCAA was back in 99. I had been reading an article on them by Frank Zane and decided to give them a try during my prep for the European Championships.

Wanting to use the best I could I contacted Frank Zane’s place of business as he sold them. At first I spoke to Christine, Franks wife. After a brief chat she said, “Just hang on a minute I’ll get Frank”.

My heart nearly stopped.

Sure enough Mr. Zane came on the phone and proceeded to give me a huge amount of information on BCAA and how to use for the best effect.

This I will get into later.


I have been using a base BCAA over the last few weeks x As outlined in this article x

I have been on the General Use program as outlined below for the last few weeks x


Fast forward to 2007 and 2009 two years whereupon I spent many hours with the great Robby Robinson. I was again reminded of the benefits of BCAA. Two awesome years for me competing wise. Coincidence? I think not. The information here along with a good basic eating plan and hard strict training paid an incredible return.


Now let’s get down to how to use BCAA.

These strategies I have used and still use to this day.


General Use- basic training and recovery


First thing in a morning 4 – 6 caps

Last thing at night 4- 6 caps

Pre training 4- 6 caps with a strong coffee

Post training 4 -6 caps along with a whey pro drink and some simple carbs -bagel -rice cakes -maltodextrin—those types of carbs



Competition Prep

Zane’s Way

Frank Zane suggested I take specific amino’s – branch chain and the like or separate amino’s, say for instance Leucine in a base mix of all essential amino acids.

He sold an amazing pharmaceutical grade amino product and some specific others for needs and goals, and still does.

You would take your ‘needed’ amino’s along with the baseline product.

These you would take in-between meals with a small portion of fruit for a spike of carbs.

This worked wonders and I felt it was the best I had ever been at the time. I kept much more muscle while dieting and was as strong as an ox.


Robby’s Way

Robby could not say enough good things about BCAA and showed me first hand how he used them.


This is very simple and it works awesome.

On –NON- training days in order to aid recovery you take 5 BCAA along with creatine and glutamine about 5 grams of glutamine and 2.5 grams of creatine with a small amount of apple juice. Basically mix up the powders in the juice and swallow the BCAA caps down with it.

This you take in-between meals, so if you eat every 3 hours you take your creatine, glutamine, BCAA at the hour and a half point after your meal. You then eat again in and hour and a half, then repeat. This way you get six or so servings in a day. This he did only on non-training days and I followed suit with unbelievable results in fullness and recovery.


The Best BCAA In My Opinion 

The best BCAA I have found and used are in no particular order.


Zane’s amino’s, expensive but incredible.

AST used these more than any -again awesome.

Jarrow — Robby’s choice again the best.

Allsports of Doncaster – not very well know but an incredible product and company.


So you now have a few ideas, try each one in turn and study the results.

They do work, but only if you train hard and eat well.

I remember a very famous bodybuilder back in the 70’s and 80’s once said to me. “We use to pay more for amino’s than we did drugs, because they worked like you would not believe.”


BCAA taken right when in hard training and when other things are on point, can work wonders on recovery.

Better recovery = more gains and body-fat loss.

Take care love Ian x




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