Nutrition for Geezers

One of the hardest aspects of any training regime is the Nutrition & Food we consume not only during training sessions but also when we are not training.

Here I will show you what food to eat at what times of you training and how prepare your food correctly. I will also give you help and advice on creating your own nutritional plans to fit your goals.

Cart Before Horse

The more basic meals I eat a day the leaner and more muscular I get. Go figure eh – its no secret old school body builders, weight trainers and power lifters have been doing this for years. But that said this basic principle seems lost in the fancy supplement world of today. Many today look […]

Simpley Eat x

My goal here is to just give you a few eating ideas. Using myself as the base example, of how I am doing things at present. Pick what you need from this. And blaze your own path – just don’t fuss and faff. Eating right is very simple.   There is nothing fancy here at […]

Chuck’s Eating Plan

Chuck Sipes was one of my favorite bodybuilders over the years. He always reminded me of my good friend Si Martin. A real mans man – tough, strong agile. I have had this base diet of Chuck’s for as long as I can remember. And at times have followed many aspects of it through the […]

Staff Of Life

A few years ago I use to make my own bread all the time. This is something I will be doing again in the very near future. The recipe here I picked up from an old organic cookbook that I no longer have. But I do remember the recipe, because I made it so often. […]

Lean And Strong Diet

How do you balance being lean and also be strong and furthermore healthy? Well it’s bloody easy and I am going to tell you how. As I stated in my book Old But Strong, if we were stranded on an island and all we could eat was the food we foraged for. Vegetation, fruit, fish, […]