Nutrition for Geezers

One of the hardest aspects of any training regime is the Nutrition & Food we consume not only during training sessions but also when we are not training.

Here I will show you what food to eat at what times of you training and how prepare your food correctly. I will also give you help and advice on creating your own nutritional plans to fit your goals.

My Life With Nutrition x

I was five years old and my dad gained custody of a little boy with big hair and body like a racing snake. My mum, after splitting from my dad, just could not provide for me the way she wanted to and thought I would have a better chance with life and all that was […]

Off/On Season Diet Changes

Just to keep you in the loop with this journey. Here are my changes in my baseline-eating plan. I have added around 500 or more calories per day now. This I will hold for a few weeks all the while keeping an eye on the scales, mirror and body-fat test. I did a test last […]

My Lean Off Season Plan

Five weeks prior to being 51 and being on holiday in Florida I tested the waters to see if my body could pull back what I once had. I stepped up my training (article tomorrow) and tightened the hatches on my eating. I have always eaten clean and basic –but if I was to pull […]

BCAA How To Use x

This article is about my experience with Branch Chain Amino Acids. This is not a technical article, as there is a huge amount of information like that out there. This article is a ‘how to use’ BCAA for the best effect. The information here is from two of the world’s best body-builders, and they gave […]

Cart Before Horse

The more basic meals I eat a day the leaner and more muscular I get. Go figure eh – its no secret old school body builders, weight trainers and power lifters have been doing this for years. But that said this basic principle seems lost in the fancy supplement world of today. Many today look […]