Life Balance

We all struggle to keep a good balance in our lives, from Work & Business, Love & Relationships to Exercise & Recovery.

Here I will give you some tips and advice on what has worked for me in keeping my life balanced and how you can make your life more fulfilling.

Health Nut

    I don’t know about you, but I’m finding the whole bodybuilding industry thing a little too much at the moment. In my humble opinion, the social media thing is not doing the average weights’ guy and girl a fat lot of good. Why? Well – everyone seems to be an expert, everyone seems […]

Full Circle …Kid Again

As the years have ticked by my training has evolved to the point whereupon I have come full circle. From the very start I was interested in being strong and athletic. This came about – don’t laugh – by being a Conan comic fan. I would hike, walk run and climb everywhere. I lifted to […]


I have for years looked to others for inspiration and if somebody could do something well I was dam sure if they could- so could I- within reason. So I took on others strategies learned from them and adapted them, used what was useful to me and disgarded what didn’t fit. This is called Modelling. […]

A Happy Life Balance

Hi guys With part of our site my goal is to cover life, and the balance of it.  As this site develops we can see what area is more popular and steer our ship into that direction. I have plans to cover business, stress management and also things I think you will enjoy and make […]