I have for years looked to others for inspiration and if somebody could do something well I was dam sure if they could- so could I- within reason. So I took on others strategies learned from them and adapted them, used what was useful to me and disgarded what didn’t fit.

This is called Modelling.

People who have been mentors and who I have followed closely are Lee Labrada, Skip Lacour, Bill Pearl, Brooks Kubik, Arthur Jones, Robby Robinson,  to name just a few.

I know for a fact without their influence in my life my business and competition success would be much lower.

I reached higher because I stood on their shoulders, you too can do the same, read on.


Anthony Robbins

The famous self-help guru, public speaker, and author had this to say about modelling in his book, ‘Unlimited Power’.

“It‘s not a matter of whether you can produce the results that another person produces, it‘s a matter of strategy. That is – how does that person produce the results? If someone is a terrific speller there is a way to model him so that you can be too. If someone you know communicates perfectly with his child, you can do the same thing. If someone finds it easy to wake up in a morning quickly, so can you.

Simply model how other people direct their nervous systems. Obviously some tasks are more complex than others and may take more time to model and then duplicate. However if you have enough desire and belief, that will support you while you continue to adjust and change.

Virtually anything that any human being can do can be modelled. In many cases a person may have spent years of trial and error to find the specific way to use his body or mind to produce a result. But you can step in, model the actions that took years to perfect and produce similar results in a matter of moments, months or at least a lot less time than it took the person whose results you desire to duplicate.”

Like I said earlier, I have modelled for years. In this time I have weeded out the bad from the good. If I have seen anybody in my life or anything that is able to produce outstanding results the first thing I think is “How do they do it?” I then study that person or business down to the books they read and even their beliefs. I take what I need and also gain success.

I have studied all the programmes out there, I have studied all the eating plans and diets out there, I have studied all the trainers out there – what’s good and not so good, year after year. This brings Bodyindesign to the point it is at now. I will continue to refine as many years click by into the future.

One thing many of us do not have enough of is time.

Trial and error is one thing; it uses vast quantities of one resource that none of us have enough of.

How can you not take action with this area of accelerated form of learning…. modelling is the way.

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Bill Pearl

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