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With part of our site my goal is to cover life, and the balance of it.  As this site develops we can see what area is more popular and steer our ship into that direction.

I have plans to cover business, stress management and also things I think you will enjoy and make your life better.

In this month’s installment I will like to discus being happy.


The technology in this world is now cramming us with an information overload. So many conflicting ideas, bad news, any news – about everything and everybody.

We are bombarded with ads for this and that, for things we don’t really need – but think we do.  So we end up spending money we don’t have on shit we don’t need.

We are all searching for that happiness – that THING – that one thing that will make us ultimately happy.

We search.  What is that thing?

It may be a new car.

Two weeks after driving it, it’s not new anymore and you have a shit load of debt and a car that is losing money faster than you can pay it off.

It may be that new thing you just have to have, a new bag, shoes, the latest phone.  That thing – you – just – have – to – have, for that small spark of happiness, that lasts a few hours, if that.

Let me tell you.

As you get older you realise that there are really only a few things that make you happy and content from the inside out.  Life is, when it boils down to it, simple, and if it isn’t – you should strive to make it so.

Let’s just run through a few things here – get you thinking a bit.


We spend a third and some much of our day at work.

So if you hate your job and it kills everything that is in YOU – your passion, your spark, your fun, for each day – get the hell out and get another job.

Or work for yourself doing something you love to do, something that makes you feel alive.

It’s not about the money, it’s about making a difference – making your mark no matter how small on this planet when you’re gone.

Do something that touches others and makes that difference so you live on in others forever.

I have a few millionaires that train with me.  They have more money than you or I could imagine – so many THINGS it would be hard to count them.  But get this, they would love to do what I do.

What does that tell you?

It’s about passion for life guys – loving what you do and enjoying the hours you get paid for.  Earn what you need to earn and don’t buy crap and you will be as happy as a pig in shit.

I have read many books whereupon a hugely successful person recounts their life, they more often than not say that the time they were happy, truly happy, was when they had NOTHING.

They may have lived in a one bedroom apartment and earned very little, but they lived their sport or art, music or whatever, but they lived what they loved.

Each day they woke with excitement and lived their passion.

Life is to short not too.


Love – yes that four letter word that will lift you more than anything in the world.

You will never buy it, you cannot force it, but when you find it, go with it, embrace it.  You have to find that feeling of love – if you are with someone you don’t love, get out and find that real love that makes your eyes sparkle and your heart skip every time you see them.

With this comes family.

Do simple, fun things with your family.  Life is all about doing, not having.  Please try this.  Close your eyes and think of something you did with your Dad or Mum one Christmas or on a vacation when you were a kid.  Think, picture it – picture it – something that made you laugh so hard, or made you so excited you could hardly breathe.

Go ahead just for a minute – relax and think of that special time in your life.

Are you smiling?  That shows you that life is about doing things not having – those memories you have as a child, that you just love are ingrained in you forever.  Bet you would not sell them from those memory banks in your mind for all the money you could hold.

They are that much of a part of you.

Well – you have to build those loving family memories with your kids and family because they will never forget the little things you do with them.

It costs nothing to kick a ball about and have a real good time.  I have before now climbed trees with my son and played all day like one of his friends.  If I promise my kids I will do something with them – I never, ever break it.  Because to them that is the most important thing in the world – not the car, not the bills – they just know time and fun.

Build those memories – and have fun doing so –that’s being happy.

So to recap, we have:

  1. Passion for what you do in life and work = Happiness.
  1. Love – be in love, surround yourself with love and be with your soul mate that = Happiness.
  1. Family and building memories of good times – doing simple things that give your family the attention they need = Happiness.

Can you see life can be so simple?

If anyone of these areas are not in balance – everything goes to pot in time and you’re left thinking what the hell happened.

Take some time to work things out in your mind then get up tomorrow with the mindset of you’re going to be happy and make changes so it happens.

Love and respect to you all.


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  1. Markus
    Markus says:

    So true and it´s the sense of life. Younger people – i think – cannot follow this thoughts Ian explained. But if you are getting older, you will recognize what´s life is all about……….love, happyness, freedom, charity, goodness , patience a.s.o. ……………….And if you have the biggest luck in life to have a family , you will have experienced that family matters most………nothing comes near…………….. enjoy life at each moment with the family – so often and long as possible………………….


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