Full Circle …Kid Again

As the years have ticked by my training has evolved to the point whereupon I have come full circle.

From the very start I was interested in being strong and athletic. This came about – don’t laugh – by being a Conan comic fan.
I would hike, walk run and climb everywhere.
I lifted to be strong and look strong and healthy.
Even food at a young age was basic and clean. My Granddad was Latvian, and growing up I was heavily influenced by his eating habits which was ‘natural fare’, no crap.
For years I trained with anything – and looked upon everything being exercise.
I ran, dug bait on the beach, biked to a place miles away to fish, biked back and then would head off out camping. I was in constant motion, if I was home I was training if out I was ‘doing stuff’.



Then I found bodybuilding, and to excel I dropped everything else and pursued my goal.
The goal built year upon year with many peaks and lows, but always with a slow steady rise to as far as I could go. As the achievements notched up the goal was that much harder, more and more other things got left on the shelve.
Now in my twilight years I am picking those things I loved back up again. No longer is the focus of training for the stage. The goal is again to be healthy, strong, athletic, and to look strong.
I feel like I am living again and enjoying everything all over again, but now with a perspective and gratefulness I never had, as you don’t when you’re young.

So I train hard and basic and enjoy a huge variety of programs. I strike at what motivates me and inspires me at the time, with no rhyme or reason other than loving to train to be strong, enjoying it, feeling strong and healthy.
Recently I have been running and doing free hand exercises whenever I feel like it.
If I walk the dog for two hours and I want to run hills and do chins on a tree branch, I do. With no other thought than loving it and feeling awesome.
Do you know what?
All those years of fussing about and now I feel I look better than at 90 percent of the time between shows. I look right and feel right for life.
The other day – I trained with Jo in my back yard, we did some press ups and chins. The sun was out – I had a vest on, I felt supple and really strong and muscular, I felt like I was a kid again I smiled to myself and my mind shot back to doing the same stuff at age 13-14, and what I would have given to look and feel like this now. I was Conan at last ha ha.
Be a kid again guys – do what you enjoy and move. Movement and strength will keep you young.

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