Week 3 Training Journal – Tuesday 28/06/2016

Gym: Dickies Gym, Batley

Just busting with energy and excitement for training.

God its hard, but I am embracing it.  Sometimes you are ready for it, you know – ready for a step up with your training.  This I have done in waves throughout all my training life.  You cannot keep on full throttle all the time.  Like I have said, different forms of training keeps things fresh and progressive without killing you.

At the present on the Conan HIT program – this is a killer, this is very intense, but I am ready in mind and body for it.

Got another four weeks or so on this then we will change direction for a spell.  Anyway let’s get down to today’s session.

Decided to train at Dickies again today to make use of the Nautilus kit there.  My plan was to whack chest, back and shoulders then rest ’til my powerlifting meet on Saturday.

Here’s the session:

  • Main Move
  • Floor Press
  • Laid on the floor bench press

Started at 5’s then 3’s then singles to 92.5kg.

Harder than you think this move, as you have no leg drive or arch at all.

Then HIT:


  • Nautilus Pull Over 100 – 6 reps slow and full range reps the 4 forced (slight touch to contract)

No rest

  • Chins

20kg on my belt 5 reps paused top and bottom then 1 forced

Dropped weight off 5 more plus 2 forced

Back was jigged already

No rest

  • Rows On Unit 125kg got 5 agonising reps the 3 forced

Jo did her sets of this


  • Nautilus Chest Fly 100 – got 10 then 2 forced (awesome machine)

Pecs screaming

No rest

  • Decline Bench Press 12.5kg aside

Each rep I squeezed towards my belly button got 5 reps 3 forced

Jo did this block


  • Lat Raise Machine Nautilus

3 plates was all I could do super strict 10 reps then 5 forced

No rest

  • Standing Press 10kg aside 7 reps plus 3 forced

No rest

  • Nautilus Rear Delt

6 plates 10 reps plus 5 forced

Jo did this – job done


Awesome session.

Said to Jo beforehand “don’t – don’t let me stop or cheat at all on anything – you kick my arse, I will yours”.

We did just that – the hardest I have pushed for a good while.

The pump was incredible, looked real full and very sharp after – things are happening.

Every year when I start a HIT cycle first thing I note is condition.  It works you into the ground and burns a huge amount of fuel.

You would be amazed how much a little dude like me eats.

It’s all-clean though – that’s the key.

Love to you all.

Ian x

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