Week 2 Training Journal – Thursday 23/06/2016

Gym: Brain and Brawn, Morley

I started the day with my usual morning walk, I was out very early at 4.30am.  I must say it was stunning out, the sun was coming up and it cast a deep orange glow to the few clouds about.

I use this time to set my head up for the training session to come and plan the day also.

At 5.45am, after a quick pro drink, I was in the car heading to the gym.

Really hitting, pardon the pun, this new Conan Hit program.

It took a few sessions for me/us to get into the swing of things.


– Being able to put in the intensity needed for just one set.

– How do we set out the exercises so as a group of three or four we get the job done fast with no lag time.

This seemed to have all clicked into place. Each of us knew exactly our roles and jobs.

So we moved like clockwork and everyone trained to the limit.

After a rest, other than a hell of a lot of walking since Monday, I was chomping at the bit today.

This week is Rack week as you know, and Rack Shoulder Press seated and off the pins was our main move of the day.

I started at 5’s and then adding up I dropped to 3’s then singles.

Up to 77.5kg – good quality rep from a dead stop at the bottom.

Then it was HIT time.

One after the other no rest…

  • Lat Raise 12.5kg 11 reps plus 1 forced
  • Hammer Shoulder Unit 25kg aside  10 reps plus 2 forced
  • Lat Raise (again) 8kg 8 reps
  • Bent Over Lat Raise 15kg 12 reps

The girls did theirs.

We then moved on to:

  • Tricep Extensions 11 and ¼ kg a-side 14 reps plus 1 forced

No rest

  • Dips (no weight) 8


  • Curl Thick Bar 11 and ¼ kg a-side 10 killer reps – no swing

No rest

  • Underhand Grip Chin -stretch held – contraction held got 6 reps plus 2 forced

Done in I was – arms pumped with a deep ache – bloody loved it.

Time for a pro drink and carbs and the home for a HUGE breakfast.

All this food and drink stuff I will cover for you as we progress with the site, I promise.

Later that morning, Jo and I popped into a gym near her home, and I will tell you for why.  The gym I knew about and had not been in it for more than 20 years.

But I had it on good authority that they had some old school Nautilus machines.  Now I’m a free weights guy to the core, but I do love some of the 1970’s machines, Nautilus being in my mind amazing pieces of equipment.

Being on the HIT program at the moment and being in that mind zone, as well as always been excited by old school bodybuilding I could not wait to see them.

Stepping into the gym was just like I thought it would be, stepping back in time.  That’s not a negative slant on the gym at all, it was brilliant.  Now – I love my home gym and value it more than having an Austin Martin, and Brain and Brawn is one of the best gyms I have ever been in, and I have been all over the UK and USA.

But – this gym had that 70’s – 80’s old school feel and look.

I was like a kid again – having asked excitedly if I could look around. I ran about like a kid in a sweet shop – no doubt doing Jo’s head in with – “look – look at this – and this – oh look a pullover”.

I was testing and setting out in my head combo’s and routines as I set each dusty, but seeped in hard work machine to my frame and did a few reps.

My mind visualised the old magazines I had as a kid with the incredibly inspiring photos of Mike Mentzer and Casy Viator, to say I was buzzing is an understatement, every rep I did I had a big grin on my face as I pictured those photos in my mind and was blown back to the past for just a few seconds.

We said our goodbyes and I still took some shutting up walking back.

Anyway – long story short, we are to kill legs Saturday there!

I will do a few photos or a video for you guys.  Sorry for babbling on – “but – but it’s a Nautilus – its old but strong and well built.”

Like us eh!

Be all you can be guys.

Love Ian

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