Week 2 Training Journal – Saturday 25/06/2016

I was ready for legs today the moment my eyes opened.  I could feel the energy literally jumping inside my body.

Excitedly I drove to Jo’s place with White Snake blasting out.  There we were meeting Debs for a coffee before we headed to the gym I mentioned in the last journal.

The gym is called Dickies and is close to Jo’s place.  After a coffee we headed off in one car – ready for war on the weights.

And battle we did, this was a bang on session, bloody loved it.

After testing out the machines and setting them to fit us and having an idea as to weights to be used.  We got into some warm ups and stretching.

First up, main move…

Rack Squats

Rack SquatThis was done to the pins about on parallel.  The rack is different to our normal one so the pins were maybe a little lower – GOOD – it was harder.

Started at 5’s and moved through 3’s adding weight each set alternating with the girls.

I got 142.5 – up on last time and deeper.



Leg Extensions

Leg ExtentionA very old rickety machine but soooo direct 30kg on got 15 slow steady non-kicked reps then 2 forced.

No rest.




Nautilus Leg Press

Leg PressAwesome machine just on ya constantly.  The pre-fatigue of Leg Extensions made it hurt from rep one.

Had 335 pounds on full range non locked out just tension 10 reps I was done.

We each did this super set then did Hack Squats.



Hack Squats

Hack SquatAgain just an awesome old school 1980’s at the latest machine.  Real smooth real direct.

I had 35kg a side did 10 drop off a 20 a side then did another 6.

Legs mashed.

Calves next.

Standing Raise, 120kg.  Did 15 reps the 5 forced with Jo pushing my heals up.

Giddy now – I said to the girls fancy some arms?

So we tested out.

Nautilus Triceps Extension

Frigging awesome again triceps contracted so hard it felt like they would cramp.

Used 80 pounds and got 15 killer reps.

No rest

Dip Machine.

10 plates was more than I weigh I had to wedge myself in – got 7 reps.

Loved today – I felt like I was 20 again but even better as my knowledge and experience allow me to now appreciate the experience far more.

It’s a case of been there done that then re-living it better.

Really enjoyed today, thank you to Jo and Deb for an incredible day.

I am sure I do their heads in with my excitement – haha x

Enjoy the doing guys – it’s simple but very true.

Love to ya all.


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