Week 2 Training Journal – Monday 20/06/2016

Training Journal 20062016

Ready to rock this new Conan HIT this week. After finding my way again with intensity last week I feel I am ready in mind and body.

Training on lower sets is incredibly hard for a number of reasons.

They are:

  • you only have one at most two sets to give all you have per move;
  • so you have to be ‘on it’ focused and intense from the word go;
  • your style cannot falter no matter how much it hurts, you have to lock in position and ride the pain train;
  • you have to keep meticulous notes so you know weight, reps and such things as forced reps given and anything else relevant to improvement.

Remember I said we would drop to three days this week, well this is the plan.

Tuesday: Chest, Back

Thursday: Shoulders, Arms

Saturday: Legs

Drills and such, as and when.

The program Conan HIT will be in the programs section shortly.

We trained today, Monday, because one of our crew, Vince, is going on holiday tomorrow, so we got it done today instead.

Sometimes there are 4 of us and you may think, ummm lot of rest.

You could not be further from the truth. We train in a conveyor belt fashion, one does a set, one spots – moves on, next steps in to spot, and so on.

Monday 20/06/2016

Gym: Brain and Brawn, Morley

Chest and Back

  • Warm up, 150 lunges and ab work


  • Rack Bench Press Thick Bar

This was from a dead stop off the pins at bottom position

Started at 5’s then 3’s then singles to a top single for the day.

Got 100kg.  This I combined not rushed I may add with Rack Dead Lifts.

These are set just on the knee cap off the pins, all I did was the same as the Bench, reps the same till singles then topped out for the day. Set of Bench, stretched – belt on wander to other Rack, set and lift.

Worked up to 210kg.

Then the intensity work was in order.

Fully warm now we launched right into four moves to cover chest and back.

I started – Vince followed the Jo and Deb’s Hammer Chest Press 25kg aside.

Pullover 25kg.

Chin – no weight added.

Dip – no weight added.

Hammer Row 35kg a side.

One set to fail non stop bang bang bang.

Chest Press got 10 reps plus 2 forced – note each rep was slow -paused at stretch for a few seconds to take away momentum and also held at the contraction point for a few seconds.

Pullover 12 reps – failed on 13 same rep style as press.

Chin – full hang – touched my chest on the bar at the top and again paused both points.

Dips 12 failed on 13 same rep style Rows – did 8 – dropped 10kg off a side and did 5 more.

I then ran to the starting point and helped others as they went round.

Looks nothing – but done right its a killer. Each move is set so your in the perfect position to attack the muscle and you never lose form.

Last week I was feeling my way again into this not trained this hard in a while. There are many different types of ‘hard work’ and this is just one way to shake things up.

Anyway I’m in this battle for the next six weeks at least.

Next session Thursday.

Bring it on x


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