Week 1 Training Journal – Tuesday 14/06/2016

Gym, Brain and Brawn, Morley


  • Warm up
  • Then 150 lunges no weight to free up the whole lower back hips and hams


  • Donkey Raise 3 x 30
  • Main move
  • Stiff Leg Dead Lift

Started at 5’s then moved in 3’s then kept it there going for a max 3 reps.

Topped out at 130kg.

Then time to step it up:

  • Rows 60kg 12

With no rest

  • Chins 12

Then again the same for a second round had to rest pause the chins.

  • Wrapped up with Drills
  • Farmers walk 60kg each hand (no straps god for bid) 6 lengths in total
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