Week 1 Training Journal – Thursday 16/06/2016

Gym: Brain and Brawn, Morley

Shoulders and Arms

Main move:

  • Standing Shoulder Push Press

Started at 5’s and then 3’s then up to singles as I added up topped out at 65kg – got 67.5 to eye level


  • Lat Raise 12.5kg 15

No rest

  • Hammer Press 20kg a side 15

No rest

Lat Raise 8kg 15

No rest

  • Bent Over Lat Raise 15kg 12

Killer that shoulder block.

Then with only a few minutes rest I moved onto:

  • Thick Bar Curls had 10kg a side and fought like hell to stay aligned and without cheating

I gave it a little bit of power but not swung, what I call a good value of movement.

12 reps was all I could get.

I jumped onto the chin bar next within seconds and performed:

  • Underhand Grip Chins

This worked the biceps into the ground after the curls.

I paused at the bottom and held the top with my chest touching the bar.

This made it very hard to do – full stretch – hard contraction at top, 9 reps I was done.

Next up:

  • Lying Triceps Extensions – I used an EZ bar 10kg a side

Very strict movement to fail at 15 reps

No rest

  • Push Downs 15 reps no record of weight

Did no Drills today.

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