Week 1 Training Journal – Saturday 18/06/2016

Gym: Bodyindesign (Home)


There is a video along with this session.

First up, after a warm up, was:

  • Bench Squats

Remember the main base move – well this was it this week – if I am not mistaken we are back in the Rack next week.

This was set just above parallel, the part in a meet where I have a sticking point started at 5 ‘s and 3’s then to singles up to 145kg.

A good rep more in there but playing it ‘safe-ish’ with my knee, it is more stable every week, so I’m happy.


  • Leg Extensions 45kg on – drop set couple of slight forced reps also

No rest at all on to:

  • Machine Squats 2.5 plates a side – drop set

Then a very brief rest then:

  • Hacks –this is a very old school Hack that is just awesome –mid to lower quad gets trashed with this move

I trained with Jo and Deb and after this session we did:

  • 300 lunges for Drills

That’s this week guys, I will post day by day as of next week.

Train hard – be Old But Strong of mind and body.


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