Visualise To Achieve

Until your mind can conceive it the body cannot achieve it.

A bold statement but in my experience a very true one.

Think for a minute – so many things are visual.

How many times have you seen a movie and -cried or jumped out of your skin or felt every emotion under the sun while riveted to the movie.

Think of reading a book -don’t you conjure up visions of what you are reading in your mind?

Dreams of falling, tripping or something upsetting, your mind perceives it as real. You either wake up with a jump or upset.


I could go on but I’m sure your mind is now aware that there is something in this.

Now let’s look at how the mind works for us achieving goals, also let’s just stay with body-building here.


To attain it you have to think it 


Over the years of working with clients I was so aware of the positive affects of mindset and visualisation that I spent time setting the clients mind to this.

I would help the client build a picture in their mind of how they would look on stage.

Until that client can build this vision or somewhere near, their efforts will not be nowhere near as rewarding.

Gains will be limited and fat loss slow.

But when that client has a vision to aim towards -in mind- a target, the results are ten fold.

I have seen this time and time again.

The girl or guy needs to be able to see the end result, the end point of the journey-that vision of them in awesome shape.

As they get closer to the end point they can refine that vision even more, this is when it becomes exciting and dream like, confidence rockets and new levels are reached.

I have said this many times to people after they have done their first show.

“Now you know what you can be, you have seen how a vision became real, now build on that vision”.

They will always make a huge jump forward in the next show because they now have a point of reference to beat.

They have seen how they looked and seen how that picture in their mind became real –so it’s easy to now add to that picture.

It all starts with – “I want to look like that”.

So build it in the mind first and do what you have to do.

There is always a path to take – if you want take it – do so and stay on it till the end.



Here are some visualisation techniques I have used and still use.


Guiding Light

Whenever I have competed I set in my mind my goal.

Let’s say it’s to be shredded.

I will find a picture of a body-builder that has the extreme look I want.

This picture – my guiding light, I will stick to the front of my journal so I see it all the time, to trigger a mind response.

I will also put that picture on my computer screen – iPod and so forth.

I will constantly see what I need to be.

This has worked 100% of the time.

I may-not look like that picture size wise – but I will be just as shredded come show time.



I always run my posing routines in my minds eye constantly.

I see myself on stage – looking the way I want to. I can feel the heat of the lights – I can hear my music and feel my body tense and flow.

This takes time to build but as the years go by its invaluable to your performance.


Pre Training

Have a bit of quite time before training.

Visualise the session, see the weights the intensity, rep for rep set for set.

I do this just before setting off the gym and on the way there.

Jo – generally asks, “you ok” because I go quite, “just thinking about training” I say.

This always needs to be done.

You need to switch from everyday life to the job at hand, the goal.

You need to think about how this workout is a stepping-stone to that vision. It’s not just a workout, it’s a step forward – a string of these will only get you to your goal -they cannot be wasted.



Visualise your goal before sleep and upon awakening. This is when the mind is more absorbent to positive thoughts.

As you nod off – think I will be better tomorrow than today. Be proud of your day of work towards your goal – but also reset the vision and vow to be even better.

When you wake – remind yourself of the path you are on – why you’re on it and the life you have chosen, then get up and do what you NEED to do. I say need as in the sense of doing the work but also – that burning need that vision within you that needs to be fed.

Love to ya all Ian



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