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Well the new program is a killer I must say. Here we are starting on week two after finding our bearings a little as you do when doing something new.

Saturday’s leg session did not disappoint, as by Sunday morning my legs were mashed, very sore.

So on Sunday evening I went for a short fast run of around 15 minutes to help flush them through. The first few minutes had me running like Wallace in the movie The Wrong Trousers ha ha. But I soon got into a good fluid pace.

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Loving The Bodyweight Work 

If you have read the post Full Circle …Kid Again under Lifestyle. You may have noted that I have been doing over the last few weeks extra training aside from the main weights, running and free hand body-weight work and loving it.

Heads up -buy the book by Brooks kubik -Dinosaur Bodyweight training at

Awesome book and has a huge amount of infomation and inspiration.

I found it awesome and I am loving the ‘add ins’ I am doing in my training.

I feel really good and like the article says ‘like a kid again’.


Today’s Session

Brain And Brawn

Chest And Back


Sit Up Crunch 15kg 2 x 20

Hyperextensions 15kg 2 x 15


Flat Flyes 22.5kg 20 Reps

No Rest

Bench Press 60kg 6 Reps

A Little Rest

Then Again

Flyes 22.5kg 20 Reps

No Rest

Bench Press 60kg 3 Reps


Incline Press 22.5kg aside 8 Reps Then Again- For 6 Reps

Little Rest


Pull Overs 35kg 12 Reps

No Rest

Chins 15kg 12 Reps

Then Slight Rest


Pull Overs 35kg 12 Reps

No Rest

Chins 15kg 10 Reps


Bent Over Row 90kg 12 Then 10


Shrugs 95kg 12 Then 10



This pre exhaust is really hard

The pecs scream after Flyes and straight into Bench –every rep is hard and direct

Then same with Pull Overs and Chins

The weak point is eliminated and the main area gets worked into the ground

The next movement after the little supper-set is also very hard and focused on the target area


As always thank you for reading

Love to ya all Ian




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