Train For Gains Day 3 …Kid Again

I know training is going well -when I’m nervous prior to a leg session.

Must be then -because this morning butterflies did somersaults in my guts.

I knew today- Day 3 is what this whole program is built on, hard high rep legwork. Plus training with two girls doesn’t help any, ha ha- you know girls and high reps, they are good at that pain stuff.

So I was for it I guess, but do you know what?

Nerves and all I was ready to step up this training lark.

In a post or two back, I mentioned that I feel fair good at moment.

Stress of life is low after four years of hell.

Injuries are more or less right, shoulders have healed and my right leg although weaker is pulling up somewhat now.

Injuries caused by the stress I may add–fucked up head –ended up fucking up the body.

More to positives now -life is on the up so because they go hand in hand for me, so is training.

I feel like a kid again and recovery and agility is just incredible, I really do feel good I have an excitement and energy along with doing things as I use to when I was a nipper.

Really feel like I have gone full circle and enjoying it.

More on this and the direction of training, life and the mission of this site will be coming soon as a post in lifestyle, so keep a look out for that if your interested.


Anyway -back to the session

Gym Brain And Brawn


Sit Up Crunch (must do a vid of this) 10kg 2 x 20

Hyperextensions 10kg 2 x 20

Warm up Squats


90kg 1 x 20

These were done very deep and non-stop, it was hard but do-able -the plan is to add 5kg a week now and really push it

Front Squat 70kg 12 then 15

Again the goal is here to get 15 reps and if I do add up – first set the bar slipped – second set better as I chalked up – it was so hot

Leg Press 5 x 20kg plates a side -deep constant tension reps 20 then 20 again

Again will push it on and up

Leg Curls – one leg 2 x 15


The killer

Stiff Leg Dead Lift

These held over-hand and touching the floor lightly -back flat lats tight as hell

90kg 1 x 20 again hard but more in there – will push on

Calves 25kg Donkey Raise 2 x 25

One Leg Raise No Weight 2 x 15 each leg

All in all -even with the heat – an awesome session – I can feel my legs now

Recovery work tomorrow will be a good long walk to flush em through.

Also some real good meals and lashings of water.

Look after yourselves guys – and be a kid again



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