Train For Gains Day 2

I cannot believe how sore my chest is from Day 1 of this new program.

The last program for chest was 4 sets in total and this one is 6, so we are still talking low volume here.

But analysing the old program it was all pressing, and when failure set in it will have been the case of chest shoulders and triceps all failing at a similar rate.

Or the smaller triceps failing before the larger pec muscles, not a bad thing as I was trying to work everything at once on the base moves.

So the plan was with this new program was to hit the areas I wanted to, hence the pre fatigue isolated exercise first.

Granted I cannot lift as heavy on the base move-but I have done a shit load of that for a long-long time. Like I said in the article in the programs section, there is a need for a change of mind and body.

So the fly before Bench Press -really targeted the pecs -sore as hell, and loving it.

Day 2 of the new program called for again a pre exhaust -type move prior to the base movement in order to gain the same affect, namely targeting the muscles I want to.

Here was how this morning’s session went.

Day Two

Gym Brain And Brawn

Shoulders And Arms   


Warm Up

Sit Ups 2 x 20 5kg

Hyper’s 2 x 20 5kg



Lat Raise 17.5kg 12

No Rest

Standing Press Behind Neck 40kg 12

Then Again

Lat Raise 17.5kg 12

No Rest

Standing Press Behind Neck 40kg 8

Slight Rest


Bent Over Lat Raise (head on bench) 20kg 12 and 12 again



Arms Always Hang Down -Palms Face The Ceiling From The First Twist Onwards And Also On The Negative  


Incline Dumbbell Curl 15kg 12 then 8 (very hard and done very strict)

Thick Bar Curl 10kg aside 10 reps


Dumbbell Triceps Overhead Extension (one dumbbell two hands, back braced on the rear side of the preacher bench, reach down behind head, good stretch – contract hard overhead) 25kg 12 and 12


Dips 20kg for 12 reps



If I got 12 it will go up next session

Below 8 it stays the same until I get 12 or beyond

The Lat Raise before the press made the shoulders scream as the triceps –still fresh pushed the delts on further

No forced reps on this program –just a basic weight rep progression—pushing hard but not balls out

Training with the girls and Vince this took 45 min to get through

Roll on legs on Saturday — ohhh eck 20 reps squats haha

Love to ya all Ian


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