Three Show Prep Program

After the huge success of the natural progression program that is for sale on this site I thought I would give those interested a look at the follow on to that program as I am nearing my shows this year.

The natural progression program really brought my mind and body back to something like the old days and as that program finished I morphed into the program outlined here for you.

This program looks so simple but it has taken a hell of a lot of planning and thinking about.



I studied my body for recovery – and stimulation of muscle groups and how and why they looked best in fullness and condition. This had to be a right balance of training recovery and days between body parts. The program here falls just right for me at this point in my training life for this goal, the goal being stepping on stage with as much muscle and condition my body can hold at 52.

You need to maybe adjust the program to YOU as you work through it for a few weeks. Make detailed notes and become an expert in knowing your body inside out.

Although this program is aimed towards the stage I understand that is not most peoples goal especially at the advanced age of the majority of readers of this site.

I am already planning my training for after the shows whereupon I will be returning to Strength -Fitness and Agility training.

At present I am working on a program that will cover -the non body builder advancing in age that will be the dogs bollocks as far as programs and eating plans go if I say so myself.

Very much an extension of old but strong, based on how much I’m learning about myself and clients. This has been in my head for the past year and will be available just prior to my shows – it has to be because I will be doing the said program from the Monday after being on stage.

Anyway – exciting times ahead for us all, years of enjoyment in training and goals.


Here is my new program, I will list it here and wrap up with some notes.




Day One 

Chest Shoulders Triceps

Day Two 

Back Biceps Forearms 

Day Three 

Thighs Hamstrings Dead Lifts 


Each session will get three to four days between sessions

The days just rotate as so

Monday Day One

Tuesday Day Two

Wednesday Off

Thursday Day Three

Friday Day One (again)

Saturday Off

Sunday Day Two

Monday Day Three

Tuesday Off

Wednesday Day One

Thursday Day Two

Friday Off

Saturday Day Three

Sunday Day One

And so on



Day One 

Chest Shoulders Triceps 

Chest Press Machine 3 x 12

Bench Press 3 x 3

Fly 3 x 15

Lat Raise 3 x15

Front Press 3 x 3

Rear Machine (nautilus or cable) 3 x 15

Push Downs 3 x 12

Extensions 3 x 15

Abs – Calf’s – Neck – one move each three rounds as in a tri set 15 reps each


Day Two 

Back And Biceps 

Chins 3 x 12

Low Pulley Rows 3 x 9 – 12

Bench Rows (a bent over row laid face down on a high bench) 3 x 12

Curls 3 x 6 -9

Dumbbell Curls 3 x 12 seated

Wrist Curls 3 x 15

Abs – Calf’s – Neck 3 different moves 3 rounds


Day Three 

Thighs Hamstrings – Dead Lifts 

Leg Extensions 3 x 15

Leg Press Or Hacks 3 x 15

Squats 3 x 3

Leg Curl 3 x 15

Single Leg Curl 3 x 15

Dead Lift 3 x 3

Abs Calf And Neck – again three new moves three rounds




The base of this program is revolved around my old THREE PROGRAM

For those that don’t have that book email me

In a nutshell everything has the number three -throughout the whole program this allows me to focus on the path through it – a base to work from.


You may note that my heavy basic move is for 3 sets of 3 on each of the days and is also set after another movement. This is done for the reason of again age, I find my lifting in the main move is so much better if the muscle is part worked and pumped. The basic lift then does not grind me or take 20 minutes to warm up – it flows much smoother and oddly I’m stronger.

The squats for instance at the mid-point in Day Three – I can go 1 plate – 2 plate – 3 plate a side and then start my main sets with just over 3 plates – going very deep and smooth.


All sets here are not taken to fail but just off – maybe leaving 1 or 2 in the bank. This is more than enough for me to gain without dipping into too much reserve; this would kill recovery and gains.

My aim is to steadily increase strength on the basic moves and fatigue the muscle on all other moves.


My reps are very – very strict and very slow on all moves apart from squat bench and dead lift – these are lifted strict but with a normal speed. The reps on the other exercise are done to feel the muscle as much as possible and I squeeze the crap out of every rep and concentrate so hard half the time my eyes are shut.

This is training – and not just hard labor.


Rest days include at least a two-hour walk.


Posing practice and a perfect diet for me aids recovery and gains in condition and fullness.


I will put up my eating plan next week.


Take care – love to ya all Ian

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  1. peter yates
    peter yates says:

    Hi Ian,great stuff as always and very motivational.Looking forward to the programs for us non competitors. When will you be on stage by the way and what is the contest?


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