Testing The Waters x

Ever since that night a couple of weeks ago, I have not been the same.

You know the all-nighter I did, whereupon I did not sleep a wink, but spent all night doing ‘stuff’ and thinking.

Well It was a great night as I had time to really think and plan out goals.

Some of the goals are life goals and some are training.

Life goals in the bag –and are being worked on, so let’s turn our attention to training goals.


The training goals are under construction but need more of a foundation beneath them before I can go for them with all I have.

But that said things are happening and heading at present in the right direction.


I am 51 in less than four weeks and a mini training goal is to see how I look at this point. At present I am on target to look better than I did on my 50th Birthday shoot.


OCTR0076 (Copy)


I have over the last few weeks not posted many training journals as I have been all over the place with training, trying to set a foundation into those goals I mentioned.

There have been some changes in training that need more experimentation before I tell you guys. Simply because – I always like to be my own guinea pig before I pass on information.

I can then say ‘I tried this and got these results from it’– try it yourself.

Then you can make an informed decision.

So you don’t waste effort and time.

So in order to not confuse the reader — my plan is to not put up training days here for a few weeks.

I will then – pop up some pics – and give you some feedback on my little project.

That way then you will be given something that if it suits your goals and ability – you can go for it with renewed motivation.


We still have plenty of other articles to go up over the next few weeks.

I have a Robert Feesey interview coming up.

Another lifestyle –‘save money article’.

And an article on BCAA.

So plenty to go at.


So – I’m going to dig in, work at this and if it works out, or not, I will tell you either way.

Until then train hard eat clean Ian x


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