Shoulder The Load

Back to my normal self today after the weekend.

I had to really work on recovery to pull myself back up.

I walked, I stretched, I slept as much as I could, add to that gallons of green tea and I’m on it again.

Today’s session was real good and it was good to be on my working on my normal energy tanks.

Gym Brain And Brawn Morley

Body Parts – All

Back In The Day -This Movement Has Been With Me For Many Years -Thanks To Brooks

Back In The Day -This Movement Has Been With Me For Many Years -Thanks To Brooks


Rack Shoulder Press

This is a shoulder press set with a bench inside the rack

The upright of the bench is around 80 degree and this is spot on for this move

The bar is set on the pins so its chin height at the starting point

From here you press from a dead stop overhead and return to the pins -without a crash

70kg 3 x 5


Dumbbell Bench Press 45 pounds 3 x 8


Dumbbell Rows 75 pounds 3 x 8


Close Grip Rack Bench Press

Off the pins in the rack -close grip to stress the triceps

70kg 3 x 5

Standing Dumbbell Curls 45 pounds 3 x 8

One Leg Calf Raise 15kg 3 x 10

I worked my weak calves real hard for years to bring them up to competing standard.

Odd thing…

Now I am not over bothered and just work them to stay strong – never really give them a thought.

The other day Lou my son said, “calves have grown dad.”

I tensed them – looking down at them like I had not seen them in years.

Although I have legs like an Ewock now (short and hairy) so it’s hard to see anything – I smiled at the muscle popping up there.

Seems like the rough woods running is making them grow after all those years pissing about all I needed was to run some hills!


Anyway guys – thanks for reading.

As a side note – I get a report of this site every week – it gives me 2 day views – we are up to 2800 views over 2 day blocks –a few weeks back low 500’s.

So thank you.

We have so much to come.

Within a few days we will have an interview with Andy Palmer Under Brothers In Iron and I have a lifestyle article for you covering minimalist living.

Love to ya all Ian

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  1. Martin
    Martin says:

    Love it. I am finding lot of inspiration here every day. Thank you Ian. Currently I am using the same workout as you do and love it, strong as an ox! x x


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