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When I was a kid I was outside nearly all of my waking hours. Even school could not contain my need for the outdoors, hence I bunked off as much as I could get away with.

Growing up in Bridlington, a seaside town, was paradise for me. The beach, harbor, the sun and wind. When I discovered training the fresh clean air and being out and active only helped in my mind as without health – there is no muscle.

I remember the days when bodybuilders would be called health nuts. I wonder if that term is used much these days.

This weekend I went back to Bridlington with my kids and Daisy dog. As Bridlington always does, it resets me and brings me abruptly full circle. I feel like a kid again and a rush of emotions wash over me like the sea wind. I remember…I remember the innocence of training, the total expectancy of gains from your efforts.

You would train and always, always look better in the morning, and every week and every month.

Excitement powered those early sessions.

You had nothing but some bits and bobs of kit but passion in spades, and do you know what? You gained.


Page From My Journal

Reset — Reboot — Training like I was a kid again.

Sunday 10/7/016

Molly was in a dance comp in the Spar Hall (came 3rd). Whilst she was there Lou, Daisy and I walked miles.

Must have walked more than 3.5 hours with around 350 steps included.

We ate nuts fruit and protein bars all day.

When we got home I was buzzing like I was a kid and spent all day out playing. So I said to Lou “shall we train like I use to at your age now”?


He never says no.


So here’s what we did.

Press Ups 5 x 10


Chins 5 x 10

Image 21

Chest Expander Curls 3 x 10

Chest Expander Push Downs 3 x 20

Bullworker Abs 5 x 10 second holds

Image 23


Image 22

We did this mostly outside of course; even with a slight rain it felt invigorating and refreshing.


We finished the night with a huge bowl of muesli and went to bed.

Awesome day.



I have an old school 1970’s Bullworker and a 1980’s Chest Expander. Do you know what? I frigging love training with them and have done so many times when I want to stir up that bright eyed, full of promise kid again.

It’s like living again through Lou as I see the same spark in his eyes.

Dig out your old kit guys dust it off and have a blast.

Your mind and body will thank you.

And one last thing — get outside will ya.

Be a health nut.

Love to ya all Ian x



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  1. Craig 56
    Craig 56 says:

    I love being outside Ian do a lot of cycling in the Peak District fantastic views fresh air oh &I I still have a bullworker God bless x.


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