Pushing On

Something’s happening, I said to myself this morning as I took my early morning walk.

This had popped into my brain as soon as I tried to make my legs go at a decent pace.

Legs hurt you see.

From that killer session on Saturday, hard to believe how only four or so ‘real’ sets could make you sore to the bone.

I had pushed though, with all I had, I knew there was not another rep in me; I had also pushed up the poundage, another win in the war against the iron.

This is why keeping records is of paramount importance. If you don’t know what you did in weight and reps, how can you beat it?

How can you progress?

This iron work we do- use to be called -progressive weight training.  For good reason, it should be progressive to gain.

Don’t forget that.

Here’s what you should do –its very simple.

The night before your training session, have a little look through your training and nutrition log.

Look to see what you lifted last session and pre set your mind to improving on it.

I make notes from the last session onto a very small pad, from my main logbook.

This then stays with me during the session so I can refer to it often. The goal is to simply DO BETTER.

Don’t use a phone.

Don’t think you will remember.

You sort of remember ‘a little’ –was that 8 reps or 10 last time?

Not good enough—you need to know to the rep and kg.

All it takes is pen to paper.

This makes a connection from mind to body.

Please do this simple thing.

Make notes—then…DO BETTER.

Gym Brain And Brawn

Chest And Back

Abs and Hyperextensions as a warm up


Main Moves

Thick Bar Rack Bench

Jump Set With

Rack Dead Lifts

On both of these I started at 5’s and then 3’s then singles

Bench I got up to 105kg

Dead Lifts 210kg

Quick Notes On These

Then pins are set so I start from a dead stop

On Bench it’s about 2 inch off my pecs, a sticking point for me

Dead Lifts are set just below the knee – no straps just over under grip

Jump sets are super sets but not rushed


The hit is done very fast though …


Hammer Chest Press 27.5 aside 10 reps 2 forced

No Rest

Pullovers 27.5kg 12 reps

No Rest

Chin 20kg added 8 reps -dropped plate off another 3 reps

Girls did this- Jo and Debs


Hammer Row Machine 37.5kg aside 20 reps

No Rest

Dips 20kg added 12 reps last 2 took an age to lock out


Another awesome session and in many movements I had beaten my previous efforts.

Simple – look to see what you did before and with everything you have beat it. Then eat, rest and grow x

Keep pushing on old lad x

Love to ya all Ian

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