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Oldies – can you remember the days when you started out in this sport?

Can you remember an uncluttered life when training was pure and exciting?

Ah those good old days eh, and the gains -wow the gains seemed to appear week upon week.

Life was simple -gym -work -eat -sleep.

I had a sort of humble start, living on my own at 15 -but those where happy formative years that built the foundation of today.

I had nothing to my name and worked to feed my passion.

Money was not a worry,  as I had no overheads or outgoings, as long as I could cover the basics and food, and now and then buy a book I was happy.

Life was simple -basic -uncluttered -pure.

This led to incredible gains in the gym.

You young guns – savor this time in your life – its years before you live this over again.


19 and on my way x

19 and on my way x


Fast forward -I’m 51 and life is simple. I seem to have come full circle; training is pure and exciting again. Gone has basic ‘life’ stress -the normal stuff we all have to step up too.

Happiness is my tight knit family world-with no external stress at all, work is writing a book or two.

So yes it’s full circle – pure again – basic and happy.

And this equals gains -in body and mind. It’s the old good days now.


Here are a couple of sessions I did recently.




Leg Extensions 30 – add up – 20 – add up 12-rest pause 2 reps -then 2 forced

Hacks 10 reps tester

90kg 10 reps rest pause 2 reps

Squats 10 reps tester

95k 12 reps deep and non-lock out

Leg Curl 10 reps tester

Then 12 reps fail

Combo with Leg Press 5 plates a side 20 reps feet high on foot plate to stress the hamstrings

Calve Raise 130kg – 3 x 15 with forced reps

Abs Crunch Machine -and Leg Raise 3 rounds



Chest And Back


Incline Press

15 add up 12 add up 10 add up 8

Incline Fly

Combo with

Flat Dumbbell Press

3 rounds 12 – 15 reps


Chins 15 – 12 – 10 – 8

Bent Over Rows

These are my fave back move at the moment. I have changed the style after reading one of my journals from late 80’s and remembered this style. I have for years powered them to my lower abs with a close grip and 70 degree angle with my torso.

This new/old style has me horizontal to the floor and not moving an inch, with a just wider than shoulder width grip (so my arms pull up at right angles) I pull to lower pec.

No jerk – just a smooth pull and negative.

This way of doing them makes my upper back scream for mercy.

When I rack the bar I have to do a little run on the spot to release the pain in my lats and upper back.

You can see from the picture the arm position and touching point for the bar. Awesome movement.

4 x 12


No Body English at All -Pure Movement x

No Body English at All -Pure Movement x




Shrugs 3 x 12

Abs Leg Raise 6 sets


Enjoy the day guys – keep it pure x Love to ya all Ian x




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