Power Day 2

Seems we have gone off on a tangent what with everything over the next few weeks.

But do you know what?

It is bloody awesome.

A few things in the works this morning so I spotted for the guys at the gym at 6am.

Then did what I had to do and trained later in the day at Bodyindesign headquarters (home). Along with my sidekick Jo –who trained twice today (greedy).

I have re-jigged the entire program and settled on two power days and one bodyweight/neck/abs day a week.

Picked this idea up from Brooks Kubik’s awesome book Dinosaur Bodyweight Training.

The bodyweight day I have been doing anyway all I have done is drop a big weights day and programed the bodyweight stuff in.

The idea being we can gain strength for Jo’s meet and I can cover all bases for Debs –Jo and I.

Let me settle in this program for a week or so and I will outline it for you under programs.

We have also been working on some tracking/journal sheets so along with me, if you like you can fill them out.

When I have used them and made sure we have everything we need in them I will let you guys know.

All you will need to do is email me and I will shoot them to you.

Print em – fill em -file em.

That way you can track everything – training – a base eating plan and keep a checklist on recovery work I bang on about all the time.

Keep you up to date as we progress with them. They are just in the test stage at present.



Today at…

Bodyindesign – (outside at home ha ha)

Image 1

Seated Rack Press Thick Bar

The bar weighs 46kg on its own – with weight added I used 66kg off pins from a dead stop 3 x 5

Flat Dumbbell Bench 25kg 3 x 8

Dumbbell Rows 32.5kg 3 x 8

Close Bench Press Thick Bar off Pins 2 inch off chest 71kg 3 x 5

Standing Dumbbell Curls 20kg 3 x 8

Calf Raise 1 Leg 15kg – deep stretch – and high contraction 3 x 10



Good heavy basic session all reps smooth tight and precise

I kept the same weight for the prescribed reps for the 3 work sets after warm ups –All I will do now is increase the weight a little each week

On Thursday I will post about the bodyweight session and Saturday will be the same as last Saturday

I have done a couple of runs and a huge amount of walking so recovery works in there

Like I said – let me this program through a few sessions and then I can get you guys set up on and tracking on sheets

Love to ya all Ian



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